This Sky is NOT my Sky!

This Sky is NOT my Sky! [8 min] [2020]

Film Poetry Confession of a Wise Boy From Another Planet [2020, 8 min].


[ReNew July 24,2022]



        THERE'S SO MUCH INFORMATION about the Pandemic that we missed the Big Picture. The Big Picture is that the killer corona pandemic has ended since January 2022. Then, the Omicron variant replaced the killer Delta variant. Their life changing difference is that Omicron doesn't infect the lungs, it infects your throat. And the 99% of the deaths from corona were related with infections in the lungs. That's why the deaths decreased to the bare minimum, as you can see from this chart. It's estimated that nowadays the corona virus is 50-100 times less lethal than the Delta variant, or simply put around 90% less lethal for the general population. [4] [5] [6]

        Did the vaccines help? Let me tell you that during the Delta variant the vaccination saved the lives of thousands 60+ vulnarable people, for sure. But now, the vaccination is useful for preconditioned 60+ people ONLY. Goverments shouldn't waste our public money on vaccines anymore. This scientific article is one more example that you shouldn't pick a side and be fanatic about it no matter what. Retain your objectivity no matter what. Don't pick sides fanaticaly. Love the truth and quest for the truth no matter what. Don't let people scare you off with misinformation and false impressions aimed to terrorize you, search for the truth and save yourself. The conclusion is that Nature decided to stop the killer pandemic and sent the Omicron variant which ended the killer pandemic. Let me wish that from now on we learnt our lesson and stop fu*king with Nature. Protect Nature, love Nature, and Nature will protect you. Go against Nature, disregard Nature and Nature will kill you. Love Nature!



Mar..27, 2023

I just love it when I hear from people's mouth what I predicted a decade ago!

  HOW INTERESTING! You might have already seen this really funny and very popular message in meme's on social media. I couldn't have said it better, I'm really amazed that nowadays people are considering the aliens a rescue mission! Obviously to save us from the nothing makes sense anymore of our very chaotic and anti-democratic times. A vey true message. A rescue mission! Exactly what I wrote 10 years ago and published on 2020, with my short film "This Sky is NOT my Sky!" The confession of a wise boy from another planet, who can't stand all this non-sense and blindness of humanity. Where is my land? Where are my people? This sky is NOT my sky! A rescue mission for sure, hear the polymath scientist and philosopher. The end of humanity's ignorance? I wish!






Please hear the warning Message, it affects each one of us. GOD IS HERE! Watching us. Never Forget it. Mind Your Actions.


  GOD IS HERE! Watching Us. Never forget it. Mind Your Actions. Please hear the warning Message, it affects each one of us. There’s always a reason behind things. All are connected. Now we’re living the Gathering of Momentum, before the Momentum. Watch the 4 mins film and you'll see what I mean.





unvaxxed and vaxxed share one mutual wish: omicron ending the pandemic


        During these so f.. weird days where all the media around the globe are on a panic attack about the omicron question mark, I woke up with this glorious Rainbow right in front of me! It was not more than a few meters away and quite huge. Reminding us that if Nature wants, then in a matter of seconds, Nature can transform our panic into an all-beauty sensation. I believe that right now, all of us, unvaccinated and vaccinated, share one mutual wish. Omicron being Nature’s solution for ending at last our first Pandemic.
        Happy New Year 2022!





Filippos Marinakis "the revelation of mona lisa: guide in wisdom"

Shop@Amazon "The Revelation of Mona Lisa: A Guide in Wisdom"  At last the Mona Lisa is Decoded! Opening the path for mankind of how to Evolve from a flat one-dimensional being onto a wise three dimensional cosmic being! Mona Lisa's face is actually split into two different half faces as clearly seen here. Li-onardo da Vinci and Sa-lai, his long time companion. Behind Mona Li-Sa Lionardo da Vinci hid the unknown till now newfound Natural Law that: “Just like Mona Lisa, we all are Three People Joined in One Body!" Ever wondered why Lionardo da Vinci was such a genius? Believe it or not, this is actually the SOLE way for evolving onto a wise cosmic being similar with Lionardo da Vinci and the wise cosmic beings all-around the Cosmos. Our scientific facts have just been changed. The actual Da Vinci Code at last Decoded! Mankind Next Evolutionary Step? The Age of Our Great Awakening? Where were you when we started evolving? Whoever comprehends the sayings of this abook will Evolve.

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  "The pure Nicolas da Florentia age 29 at Italy in the 1800's, from being a romantic thinker Awakens his Inner Spiritual Guide and evolves onto the higher realms of Spiritual Awakening and Wisdom, after discovering the long-lost secret manuscript of Lionardo da Vinci favourite student, accounting his initiation into cosmic wisdom by Da Vinci himself. Based on 4,500 Da Vinci manuscripts, Nikolas decodes the Mona Lisa for real, and meets several karmic wise men on his way in Wisdom. He passionately searches for his other-half, and actually discover it inside him. He completely awakens his Inner Spiritual Guide, unifies his Three Selves, and with thrice as much brain-power Evolves into a Wise Cosmic Being, opening his cosmic Third Eye. The first and sole Guide in Wisdom in the history of mankind. Make your own mind. Or remain one-dimensional forever."







        Yeah, yeah I know... We’re under a killer pandemic, we should all hide inside our homes, don’t you dare to move, be afraid, stay away from each other and all this crappy crap of our era. Well, not necessary. It’s still up to us, we still have a choice. And so, I’ve just returned after spending 15 days at the Andes, the ocean, the clubs and the jungles of Ecuador, lived with the indigenous for a quite perfecto week, and coz all of the above ain’t enough I also spent 5 days in dreamy Rio de Janeiro which completely enchanted me. The original idea was to follow the Sun, and Ecuador is where the Sun reaches its nearest point to Earth.

    The funny part is that during these 15 days I must have seen the Sun for not more than 10h total. Hahaha! No matter what, the temperature was steadily around 20-30C, even at the mindblowing and trippy Andes of 2-3km altitude. Also, even if the boy has travelled much before and I’ve been to Latin America before, I’ve never experienced such a journey before! Simply put there are no words, and no feelings I didn’t feel. We shouldn’t let the Pandemic ruin our mood, life is out there and the corona is here to stay. We should all learn to live like before and have a f... blast! Enjoy Life At All Circumstances!







I personally don’t mind much if the herd follows blindly what the TV tells them to. Their free choice. What really bothers me and also saddens me, is when the herd transforms into fanatics. Will the majority ever learn not to enforce their opinions and fears? Fear the mob.

Fear The Mob. Respect Opinions Different Than Yours.   #DontBeFanatics #RespectOpinionsDifferentThanYours

WATCH THE Film Poetry Confession
of A Wise Boy From Another PlaneT?





Is the first Human Pandemic ever + global mask wearing, a way of  GOD+Nature showing us humans that this human world STINKS?

[ReNew 21-10-2020]

Pink Mask Life 2020   SO, 10 MONTHS INSIDE Earth’s first Pandemic after 4.5 billion years of life, we must all admit that the worst case scenario of Earth’s Air being polluted+contaminated, is now a global reality and not a theory. Already all around the globe humans are wearing masks in order to protect themselves from the killer coronavirus in Earth’s air. How bizzare that it only kills humans, huh? Bravo! We humans finally did it! It didn't happen in 2050, it actually happened in 2020 -now! This is not a sci-fi dystopia film, it's reality. We live in an era where we are wearing masks for survival! Is the first Human Pandemic ever + global mask wearing a powerful way of GOD+Nature, showing us humans that this human world STINKS?

  Well, we certainly wear masks globally, as the most effective measure in order to minimize the human only death toll; as this Pandemic looks like it’s here to stay forever. At least, that's what I realized from the global coronavirus statistics. If we take the masks off completely I estimate a global death toll of 20mil in less than half a year, or 30-40mil deaths per year if we all get the coronavirus, as we all had/have gotten at some point the influenza [seasonal flu].

Filippos Marinakis  Concerning coronavirus immunity, none grew an immunity over the influenza for the past 100 years [since influenza entered our lives], nor do we have less severe symtoms the 4th or 20th time we get the seasonal flu. It's as if we got it for the very first time. We also have no idea if someone is an asymptomatic carrier for 10 times, but the 11th time he/she ends up hospitalized with very severe symptoms, or even die. These who die from influenza, I bet it wasn't their first time contracting the seasonal flu. Influenza became far less deadly after we discovered the vaccine. In addition, the Spanish Flu of 1918 [influenza] actually "left the building" after 2 months, came back two months later during winter, and then 2 months later left the building once more. Coronavirus has been here for 10 months already, never left the building, while the daily new corona cases are constantly growing into new world record highs. The reason should be besides easier global travelling, that the flu has symptoms for 2-4 days, while the corona has symptoms for up to 14 days; therefore, we carry+spread the corona 4-5 times longer, compared with the influenza, which has already spread all around the globe.

  This means that we might wear masks for life, or until a miracle happens and we actually find a mass cure and a vaccine. The hard fact though, about finding a coronavirus cure which safely works for everyone, is that according to the history of epidemiology, finding this vaccine or cure, would take us an average of 10-20 years. But, let’s be dreamers for a while and not hardcore realists, and hope that a cure will be found as early as possible.

  The signs though of humans being in an extreme decadent condition for the past decades are way too many to be accounted. Hearts of stone, ignoring ethics, any means neccessary, uncompassionate, money is god, or god is a dog, oppressing the less powerful, constant fighting over having this silly “upper hand”, unprecedented legal spying of innocent citizens from secret services [United States Intelligence Community (IC) alone employs 854,000 agents!!], political corruption all over the place with very few well respected exceptions, and even worst, corruption in the hearts of the average man. Obviously, the list can only get more and more bitter. We all know that there’s something seriously wrong since the happy+free 90’s. What happened to humanity’s ethics+heart+spirit since then? Is the coronavirus nightmare a perfect timing to reflect at our poor spirits and lack of humane+love? Do we really care nowadays if the innocents are rotting in prisons under oppressive regimes? Are we doing everything for protecting the rights of the less powerful, or, are we saying that it’s not our business, and turn the other way? What are we made of?

Filippos Marinakis  I haven’t lived for 10,000 years for knowing if humans were always so non-humane as most are these days, but, the fact is that the first pandemic ever is happening right now, and it certainly reads like GOD+Nature’s very powerful response to humans being the worst humans ever. The hard fact is that this human world is broken. Let me be a dreamer for life, though, and hope that we humans may grow out of this multi decadent we’re all facing together. I know as a fact that if we humans become much better people (and we all know what this means), then we’ll ALL be way happier. And for sure Nature would A Guide in Wisdom, now available at Amazon!once again be a friend and no pandemics will ever occur again. If one reads History, he may easily realiize that all super-deadly epidemics in human History, always happen when humans reach at their extremely greedy political moments. My "Political Epidemics" theory is well documented in my historical fiction Book, among 165 Original Theories. History lovers, just check when+where the plagues happened exactly, at which exactly extremely greedy political moments; and then also check the several super-deadly epidemics right after the U.S.A declaration of independence. Not a coincidence. It seems that this is how the world works. My very Wise+One of A Kind Book explains everything. [Being perfectly honest, I have no idea why anyone reads any other book, since my Book actually has most of the answers all the other books are seeking for.]

  All humans, we're in this together, no matter where we were born. Nature+Animals included. The sooner the majority realizes it, the sooner we’ll be happier. "Screwing my life, screws also your life", kind of thing. Symbiotic. That’s what I understand of how every world works in the long run. Have a fun+loving day and don’t forget wearing your mask! This broken human world STINKS!



Happy New Year 2021! HAPPY NEW GEAR!

[ReNew 3-1-2021]

HAPPY NEW GEAR!  I wish 2021 will be the year where people will start thinking of more things besides getting rich. A momentous year where the politicians andwhoever deals with public affairs will stop seeing us as mice caught in their mousetrap. A Year where whoever has any kind of power will use it for our common good. I wish 2021 is the year where we all REALIZE that we’re ALL in this together. And that includes the Nature, the animal’s kingdom, and obviously the Muslims, the Africans and everyone who anyone still considers as their enemy. The year where we COMPREHEND that together we up our level, but, divided we self-destruct one another.

  Happy New Year 2021! Happy New Gear! 







22 May, 2020. [Renew, New entries marked in this color]

Filippos Marinakis 2020  This is my point of view, out of what I saw with my own eyes, and doesn’t necessarily represent all of Hellas (Greece). (Print version)

Update 19 October 2020: Reading this article 2 months later I did feel like deleting it, because it's way too tensed and doesn't really represent my calmness+peaceful persona. But, on the other hand I love it's honesty+passion and I decided keeping it as is. For the record. Let me reassure you that all of it is 100% true. This ended so bad, as predicted in the article, that I don't even dare writing about it. The saddest conclusion is that: The Freedom of Speech is at stake even in Democracies. Fact. Majority voted them. :(

  My personal Odyssey (saying politely), begun on late April 2020. For the first time in my life, I received the electricity bill a whole month after it was published! It was already due, for two whole weeks. Alongside, came the “threat” that they have already ordered cutting down my electricity! That is, during the pandemic! Same happened with the water bill. A few days later, came something that’s definitely NOT a coincidence. I think that to the eyes of everyone, this was an act of warlike. Believe it or not, even if nothing is working in Hellas cause of the pandemic; the local authorities decided to completely crash the street with heavy load trucks, out of my apartment specifically, from 1:20 after midnight, until 4:30 after midnight!!! Does anyone believe that this kind of shit happens in any civilised country? Well, it does. In Athens-Hellas, right outside my apartment. There was no problem on the street to fix; they asphalted (tarred), the already covered with asphalt (tar) street, for NO reason! I am talking about disgusting and ridiculously loud noise, which must have reached more than a mile away, at all distances! I mean, the windows were shaking!! I recorded it on video, in case someone thinks that I am exaggerating. Unbelievably not fair authorities? Live your myth!...

  The funnier in this ridiculous, not civilised and “warlike” action by the local authorities, is that the neighbours didn’t get out on their balconies, cursing them at all languages, or throwing them eggs or something. Very weird, huh?? Does it smell like a conspiracy?

Filippos Marinakis Fotography  This disgusting action, against all laws of keeping quiet that late, resumed on the next night! They once again, ignored any civilised law, and finished their job, once again, from 1 after midnight, to 4 after midnight! Once again, nobody threw them eggs, or screamed, or anything. Very f... weird, huh??
I mean, it’s as if the pandemic isn’t enough pain to all, they need to make this place a living hell! F... up! Huh?

  But, this nightmare on the warzone of Athens-Hellas, through my eyes, didn’t even stop there! A few days later, my daddy (baba), after 14 years of successfully running a private company on the hospital in Chania-Crete (taking care of the hospital's machinery), was laid off!!! To give you the real picture, the public hospital bought off ALL of my baba (daddy) employees and hired them as civil servants! That is, except my baba! Awesome guys, huh? The democratic blood definitely runs through their veins. NOT!

  I mean, these guys have started a war, it seems, against, who? Nature? The pandemic? Me, personally? I mean, all these are happening where I live, specifically! What the f... is their problem? Are they barbarians?

  The next day, another act or warlike emerged. Well, I was going on a very international and pretty beach, keeping all safe distances, just to relax in these horrific times we’re all experiencing together. A break out, out of this misery. And what did the monsters do? They went out once again at night, like vampires, and destroyed this beach!! They had the cowardice to strip this beach specifically, of its' sand! I mean, the sand was around 30 cm thick, and after the manmade disaster, it was 2-5 cm thick!! Almost all locals, were shocked. I mean, the local authorities didn’t give a shit that this move would ruin the local economy, around the beach! Or the pleasure the locals had, of having a pretty beach! I mean, these guys turned a rich beach, into a field of dust! Unbelievable, huh? Instead of create, destroying!!

How did Nature respond to this rape? Well, the sea was as dirty, as never before! I mean, that even inside the sea, where one once walked on clear water and stones; one now walks on garbage and more trash! I’m talking about a natural disaster, just a few hours after their warlike and non-considerate of others, crime to nature. This response from Nature sounds pretty fair to me. I hope we all agree on that.

  Furthermore, two days later, the temperature in Hellas dropped almost 17°C (30°F). From 38°C (100°F) to 21°C (70°F). Five days later, the temparature at night is 13°C (55°F). A drop, so far, of 25°C (45°F), in just one week! From hot summer, autumn.

Filippos Marinakis 2020I must also mention, that two days before this, in the same beach, two Hellas guys (Greeks), almost attacked on two foreign beautiful girls (who speak Greek), as if they were cops giving them a ticket; because they were sitting close to me! Is that xenophobia, or is it my idea? Do they really deserve people like her and me?

On my way back, that very not kind bus driver, was patiently waiting to close the doors, on my bag! I mean, my bag was locked inside the bus doors, the whole bus was laughing against him, and the bus driver pretended that he didn’t even notice, and carried on! Oh, what a friendly place, to me! Not! Do you agree?

  I ignored this jerk, and when I exited the metro, another awesome Hellas guy was patiently waiting for me, with his bike; in order to jump on top of me, with his bike! I ignored them once again.

It took three weeks for the temperature in reaching over 30°C, maybe it only happened for one day; but, I'm very glad that they actually returned the sand to this beach! Yey! Good! But, being completely honest, the sea there is still dirty. Also, in my bus ride, THE BUS WINDOWS WERE SHUT DOWN! I mean, when the whole planet knows that "air circulation" are very vital during the pandemic, they had the bus windows shut down!! At the bus's terminal station, I kindly said to the bus driver that this is really dangerous for our health, and he yelled at me to exit from the bus! I mean, not only they don't seem to care about locals health, but, don't they even know that in all bussiness’s, the customer has every right in filling his complaint? Civil servants, as the bus driver's, even more!

Filippos Marinakis 2020  One week later, in 21-6-2020, pickpocket stole Greek guy on the bus, then got off the bus, and they asked the driver to halt the bus in order to get the thief. This b bus driver ignored them completely, and yelled at them very angry: "You will not tell me where to stop!! Who do you think you are?? If I want I can have all passengers exit from the bus!!" Unbelievably bad-mannered, correct? On my return, another b bus driver, didn't even stop in my bus stop!! I took a taxi and saw the bus was almost empty... Another very boring and ridiculous conspiracy... I mean, am I meeting with the worst Greek bus drivers? What the hell is wrong with them? Shouldn't professional drivers be as calm as possible, in order to reassure the safe travelling? Aren’t there good-mannered Greek bus driver’s? Is the government going stop the bus driver’s from ridiculing the country? Perhaps they didn't know about their ill-mannered behaviour?

Filippos Marinakis 2020  Very correct question! Not fortunate to them, the answer is that this b kind behaviour sadly represents the current Hellas government! How one knows that for a fact? Because, on 25-6-2020 (meaning the right next time I went for a walk), four Hellas cops run as aggressively as lawfully possible at me, to corner me, to check my things, my bag, to empty my pockets· doing their worst to frighten me, 50m away from my apartment! What b coincidence, do you agree? They yelled at me very angry, as if I was trash or something, even if I was very polite to them. The cops gave me no reason for their unfair attack, proving for the 200th time that current Hellas government has no respect for the lawful citizens and that they’re attacking me, personally, as if they’re begging seeing me getting as far away as possible from this hellish Hellas! In my eyes their character are the definition of non-grateful, lack of civlized manner, lack of filoxenia and lack of filotimo. I do pay my taxes, you know! Thankfully, the local's who saw this ridiculous attack against a kind man, were equal angry to the cops, to the Hellas government· sharing with me how much they're disgusted by their b behaviour. Who wouldn't be almost scared getting out of his house, after all this SICK behaviour, as described in my article? Furthermore, I just realized, that this looks like b coordinated, b plan to arrest me!! I mean, b cops litteraly run two blocks from where they were stationed, yelled at me very angry and full with hate: "Hey you! Stop right here! Move to the corner as you are!! Give me your bag to search!!", WITHOUT ANY REASON!! I mean, they looked for any reason to arrest me!! Meaning also, that I need getting out of this hellish prison, the soonest possible! The next day (26-6-2020) I just went for a 50m walk back and forth, and two police motorcycles, each with two cops, passed in front of my appartment's very quiet one way street, driving against traffic! (I think that I've never seen cops before on my street, that's why I am pointing it out.).

  For me, that sick behaviour from Hellas government doesn’t sound like a European country, but, like b dictatorship! I mean, instead of improving, current Hellas government go down, down, down.

  If you think I am exaggerating, four days later my telephony (land line) stopped working. I called my I.S.P. (OTE) reporting it, and, this is the funny part· since the next day I also don't have Internet! I called them to have a laugh with their malfunction and deliberate misconduct, and the best they could came down with, was repeating like parrots: "You must wait! You must wait!" What a great way to treat customers, huh? Very professional! (NOT!) I mean, nothing works at Hellas?? To make things even worst for them, the next day they sent me b long ass SMS, giving me full instructions of how I should act, in case b OTE technician visits my apartment. I repeat: "In case". Why didn't they send me this b smartass SMS when a technician will actually fix their misconduct? Nobody understands. Of course they are lying and bullying me.At this point everybody knows for a fact, that they did that deliberately. Great people, huh? I mean, we’re all facing a killer Pandemic which forces us to Stay Home as much as possible, for protecting ourselves+everybody, and I don’t even have Internet??? In my eyes that is very bad. I mean, last year, I didn't have Internet for 45 day's, while editing my Basketball Film from 1992.

  Now, I am editing my Basketball Film from 2020. My most spacial, personal, emotional and revealing Film. What b coincidence, huh? Do you agree that all this is exposing the weak ethics of OTE? For my part, I cancelled OTE, collaborating with a (I hope) better I.S.P. Funny story: Since the day I don't have Internet the temperature at Athens-Hellas soared at 34-37°C (98°F), where it's even hard breathing! Thankfully, a week later my Internet, land line work's again. What a coincidence, the next day the temperature are again normal, around 30°C (86°F)· one may breathe. But, that was too good to be true for the Hellas government, and they re-destroyed that same beach again! Believe it, or not, they took away half of its sand for the second time!! It's as if they live to make people sad... Very idiotic and selfdestructive. I think we all agree to that. What also concerns me a ton, are that I feel that they turned police into soldiers. And that, obviously remind's us tyranny. POLICE ARE NOT SOLDIERS! Police force, please protect us! These are the saddest, less democratic days I have ever experienced at Hellas. I pray that Hellas government will return in Democracy, since they also took a oath in front of GOD. Otherwise, we should stop this autocracy as soon as possible. Also, I should warn you, that some Greek's (Hellas) are really hot tempered. I mean, yesterday I saw a fist fight at the beach! Ridiculous scene. Thankfully the big guy, was playing defence against b fat guy. I mean, the grease b guy was so slow, he tripped by himself! A non-Greek seperated them, a kind guy.

Filippos Marinakis Fotography  I must also mention that the first time I took the bus during the pandemic, even if we all wear masks and keep our safe distances inside the bus; a criminal who was sitting next to me, took off his mask, turned to my side intentionally, and... SNEEZED ON ME!! Unbelievable jerk! Do you agree? I mean, during this pandemic, if one sneezes on you in purpose, and you actually die from it; then, this is manslaughter! Life sentence? Unfortunately, this guy is from Hellas too. Sad story.

I don’t understand at all, why I have to experience this horrific tragedy. Are they pure evil? (Yeap) Do they get turned on by warlike actions? (Yeap) Do they hate peace, democracy, civil rights? (Yeap) Is this a democracy , or dictatorship? (The second) What the hell is going on in Hellas? Do the Greeks (Hellines) support these crimes against human dignity and freedom? I don’t think so! I mean, even the government on Hellas, received a merely 25% of the voters (approximately). Meaning that the 75% did NOT vote for them! Now, it’s OUR TURN! The kind Greeks time! Are there?

Filippos Marinakis Fotography  But, thinking and hoping isn’t enough. Are there lot of kind Greeks, or are they blindly bowing at the Hellas flag, even when Hellas is so unjust and bad? Is this Greece, or any country, being proud of? I certainly hope not. Platonas would puke on this unjust and non-democratic behaviour, from the local authorities. So would Alexander the Great. And we ALL know that, for a fact! These bad actions destroy Hellas-Greece, don't they get it?

  I think it’s time that everyone should “show them the finger!” Prove, that we people come first! We’re 11 million, and they are just a few hundreds. The time for patience, as far as I understand, has ended. We’re all living in times, where we all need all the assistance we could receive! (Me also!)

   I won’t tell anyone what to do, if you want to end this tragedy to all. I am sure that you know exactly what to do, if you want to put an end to that dictator. I’m doing my part, I also pray and hope, that you also do what it takes.

   Logic dictates, that if you don’t act against this obvious and monstrous non-justice; then, what happened to me, will also happen to you.

Filippos Marinakis Fotography   Honestly, I don’t even feel like getting out of my apartment, ever again. I mean, that if Hellas is on a war, as its politicians keep repeating; then, the safest way is to stay indoors. It’s like a warzone here, b disrespectful place, where everywhere I go in Athens, intentional “bombs” are dropping. As if they hate me! Even after ALL these things I’ve done for Hellas! For me, that’s also the definition of shameless. Aren’t they worried about their souls? I’ve tried communicating politely with them, and it failed completely. If being gentle isn’t the language they understand, then what is the language they communicate with? War and threats? Embargo? I am sick of them, that’s for sure!

   This is my story, my personal opinion, for the past two month's. It feels like being part of a bad and intentionally malicious horror film, again and again. I think that everyone in my position, would pray getting out of this evildoers nightmare, as soon as possible. Doing it alone, I have a weird feeling, that it won't be so pretty to all... Would You Protest for me Also? Show them that WE have the power? What kind of people are you really? Would you Protest for Filippos to get OUT of this non-humane prison? If You do so, I'll LOVE YOU!

Seriously, blocking Sun?  Summarizing, how would all these sick saboteurs react, if almost whole planet was trying to fool them, END belittle me, since they opened their eyes? I repeat: Almost whole planet (10 billion people, tons B/S mythstory), wickedly conspiring against them. How would they feel, waking up one baddest day, to this??? Haven't they realized yet, the unbelievably horrific situation I am already facing? Seriously, making it even worst??? Even worst, from having almost whole planet conspiring against you? And all this nightmare I am experiencing, because I am so fucking spacial... Because, I helped this planet again and again... Is that so bad to them, that worths to be punished? I mean, if I stopped helping at any cost, will they at last let me live my life? Also, by treating me worstest, will that fix their problems? Let's even say that they bring me down to my knees, will that fix their problems? Obviously, NOT! At this point, it's more than certain, that treating me bad, will actual multiply their problem's. This is NOT a joke! People are dying if you haven't noticed! Businesses are already collapsing! People are protecting themselves by not getting out of their houses! Is that funny??? In my eye's and in the eye's of logic, any attack against me, is an attack against health, civilization, progress, advancement and wellbeing. Meaning, that it's extremely stupid and not practical to attack against your wellbeing and health! May we, at least, agree at that?

  Thank you for reading my tears. Everything here are my personal opinion.

  What do you think, about this story? I am very curious in hearing your point of view.

  For any comments, or ideas, or questions, or updates on my stories, or any kind, direct communication:

  If you want to support my cause, historical studies, efforts for a fair world, or cannot stand this no-fair against me; you may send cash, through my PayPal account:

  Moreover, international companies, interested in hiring me, please look my Work Biography, Talents here: I may fill many high-profile, well-paid positions, as you're able to find in my Work,&Talents Biography. That's why I'm not limiting my job search to specific industries. Plus, I don't seem to have many options; therefore, I'm open for the kindest, most respectable. Obviously, during this pandemic, I would be of most use, working on CoviD-19 vaccine for a medical company. But, I cannot apply to this kind of job, since I don't have a medical degree. That's why it may only work, by inviting me. This way, will bypass non-practical obstacles. This way may probably save many lives, industries.

Filippos Marinakis  Available in moving, in A friendly place the soonest possible. I'll learn the local language, as fast as possible. I could be working, for your Business, or Industry, or Country, or Allegiance, exclusive! I hope, it sounds grate! As far as I know, that's legal, global. Businesses, have already "find me on the Internet".

A wild imagination paradigm, of how far I'll go to protect this A friend country; if actual bombs drop in this country from an enemy, I'll directly move to this warzone, walk around its street with my film camera; create an open to the world film doc. I'm kind of, not that afraid of death. I lived, live, a very kind life; which I kind of believe, with all my heart, is going to be appreciated in all my next lives.

(The cash, or job, is going to pay for my expenses first; then, for Open Education. More donation, bring more Open Education, for more people. No cash from you means no Open Education, and, nothing of interest.)

Religion: Everything Jesus Christ Said.


very weird pandemic

By the way, scientific studies (from me), estimate that the global death toll during this pandemic, if we haven't "StayHome"; would have been, somewhere between 20-40mil deaths, global. Only God knows, how almost all mankind cooperated, in order to "StayHome".

Are there kind people, here on Gaea? Worthy of a kinder present, future? Very weird things are happening during this pandemic. Are there kind people, here on Gaea? Worthy of a kind present, future? Somebody asked me, but, I don't have an answer... This One, is not as funny, look for love, as me. He only cares for proofs, evidence. For example, on 28 May 2020 around 6pm, I put 1 "maybe guy" on the table. At that moment exactly, the Sky almost exploded! I don't think I've ever heard in my life, a louder, scarier Thunder! It was also raining really hard, for the frist time during the pandemic. Do you remember how little rain we had in the beggining of the pandemic? So, I realized the Truth. This, "1 maybe worthy good person", is sadly also fake news! Accordingly, I "sent thee" a clear message, that: "This Call has expired." The exact moment I sent this message, the very hard rain,... simply, stopped completely! Not a drop! Right after came this amazing heavenly rainbow as shown in the article's photo! Wondrous rainbow, huh? Therefore, there's NO maybe. None for "saving", out of this, dumb everyday fighting. Nature spoke it's mind. Or at least, that's how it felt like.




(Renew 8-6-2020)

    I must observe, that some countries are “cooking”, lie, about the actual cases of the Coronavirus Pandemic, in their country. This is really, very sad, since it decreases the well-being of all Terramen! If we don’t know the actual “Cases”, or, “Death Toll”, and we visit this deceiving, corrupt countries, and/or buy products from them; we might actually DIE, or, get very-very sick! This is extreme non-responsible, from the deceivers! The bottom of the pit! The most obvious bad example of deceivers, is France (country in South Europe). Coincidence? France’ss percentage of testing for coronavirus, is FOUR TIMES LESS, than, that of Spain, for example! In coronavirus testing, France is the 40th country in Europe! What does that mean? That France’s actual coronavirus cases, is not 189,220 as they falsely claim, but, in the range: 660.000-800.000 coronavirus cases! This means, that France, is actually the second hardest hit country, from the coronavirus pandemic! Even, report that: “As of April 29, the French Government continues to report unreliable and incorrect data on almost a daily basis.

     Furthermore, France has a shockin’ Pandemic Death Rate of 30%; when, the global average death rate is 11%! This kind of deceivers are horrific to all! I wish someone stops them, NOW!



Click to watch

At last, the Mona Lisa is Decoded! Mona Lisa's face is actually spit into two different half faces as clearly seen here. Li-onardo da Vinci's and Sa-lai's, his long time companion. Behind Mona Li-Sa Da Vinci hid the unknown till now New Natural Law that: “Just like the Mona Lisa, we all are anatomically two completely different people in one body! And their combination is a third person. The decision maker. Thus, we're all THREE people in one body. All of us. Our purpose is unifying them.” Our scientific facts have just been changed.





Filippos Marinakis

  The illuminated polymath author, philosopher and artist Filippos Marinakis for writting the historical fiction illuminated Abook "The Revelation of Mona Li-sa: A Guide In Wisdom" studied 4,500 Lionardo da Vinci's manuscripts and around 20 sciences. He's also a very accomplished TV series Development Producer, a filmmaker and a photographer.
  He Decoded the Mona Lisa on February 2012, keeping it a secret for more than 6 years, until publishing it in the one of a kind historical fiction illuminated Abook. He has graduated from Athens College, the Athens University of Economics and Business, and from the prestigious A.F.I. in Los Angeles for his Master Degree in filmmaking. Filippos currently resides in Athens-Greece.
   He enjoys a very peculiar and unexpected life and has already visited more than 30 countries in 4 continents, while he worked in two different continents. His biggest loves are the magic of love, the solving of mysteries, philosophy, humour, history, travelling, aesthetics, photography, filmmaking, sports, future scenarios, reverse thinking, the free expression of honest people, and a balance in society. His multi-talented resume is here. Please, find his Enchanted Films here:

 For any kind of ideas, questions, comments, suggestions, business proposals etc message him via his Facebook ,or, Instagram, or leave a comment on the videos. Always open for the curious minds! :)

FilMark Productions YouTube Channel Filippos Marinakis Instagram   Filippos Marinakis Linked In







How to Find Answers about Everything?
(2013 & 2019) [6 min. dreamy & inspirational philosophical tHriller]

, and edited 20 secs on 2019

 The first step is Observing. Then, in order to get great answers, first you need to ask great questions. Is there Truth to be found? Watch what happens when someone does ask the right questions, and how far that takes him, in this Philosophical Dreamy Thriller, filmed in the visually stunning "Mordor like" medieval hilltop monasteries of Meteora/Greece from the 11th century, and inside the 2,500 years old Delphi Temple, where the Oracle shares her wise Message to Mankind. Are we ready for Mankind's Next Step? How to solve most of your problems? Where can one find the Road to Enlightenment? How to find answers about everything?

  The conclusion of this short dream-like film is a "Message to Mankind," given to me, right after my spiritual transportation to the middle of the Cosmos, observing it from a distance; as a result from Decoding the Mona Lisa and her unprecedented deriving knowledge. More information about my historical fiction novel "The Revelation of Mona Li-Sa", which, at last, decodes the Mona Lisa, can be found here: There, one may also read the Decoding of the Mona Lisa for free, or one may view the decoding video here: I hope u'll enjoy it! :)

  Directed/Written/Filmed/Edited by: Filippos Marinakis (Φίλιππος Μαρινάκης)

FilMark Productions YouTube ChannelO.S.T.: "Lord of the Rings prologue theme," by Howard Shore. Filmed with a Mark II around the amazing monasteries in Meteora and the holy temple in Delphi, in wondrous Greece. Originally uploaded on 2013, and edited 20 secs on 2019.



Filippos Fotography Gallery: eYES wIDE oPEN   WATCH THE SLIDE-SLOW HERE of more than 30 photos, or scroll for the gallerys. Since I was a boy I loved trippinng around theglobe with my camera in hand, always. Especially in our times, we're the first generation which can travel easily to anywhere in our planet. My trips started on a cruise going to Konstanoypolis, Kusadashi, and the most intriguing Cairo and Luxor in Egypt. There a street boy was dealng about selling souvenirs, and the funniest was that instead of lowrering the price, he asked for more and more!

Salto Angelo in Venezuela. 

           Since then I've been wth my camera as my best friend all around Greece, from motherland Crete to Soufli on the borders with Turkey. Tripping continues with the Interail and travel around Europe, specifically Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice.

          In later years I went 5 times to Thaliand, and also to Cambodia 3 years after they allowed tourists and yeah, in Pnom Pegn there were dozen of gigantic bats flying around us and yes cockroaches certainly claim to own this land.

            Romania and Transylania in order to see where Dracula lived. Also, did a road trip from Barcelona to Morocco, and a road trip on Route 66 from Los Angeles to Texas and oh boy talking about an adventure... Venezuela is also such a beautiful exotic place, which was my 1st foto travel e-book.

            This part of my site is all about images and not about words. May we share together our beautiful lands and throw the trashies. This is for the glory and perfection of Nature!

*The featured photo is from the borders of Cambodia and Thailand. I asked to take his picture and he asked in return to offer him a cigarette. Kindly notice the "friendly" posture of the locals in his background... The second photo is from Koh Chang in Thailand, and the third one is the longest waterfall on Earth, 1km long, the Salto Angelo in Venezuela.