This Sky is NOT my Sky!

This Sky is NOT my Sky! [8 min] [2020]

Film Poetry Confession of a Wise Boy From Another Planet [2020, 8 min].

THE LOGIC OF KARMA based on scienCE

Apr..23, 2023

If you wanna experience thrilling and super exciting lives you MUST play by the rules of karma. You either play by the rules of karma and enjoy the incredible gains, or you're punished by being tormented or bored to death. True story. Just look most over 40 and you'll see how bored to death they are. They didn't play by the rules of karma and lost.

Filippos April 2023       You cannot avoid your karma. You either play by its rules and enjoy the incredible gains, or you're punished by being tormented or bored to death. True story. Karma is not a joke or only a theory, it's reality. Hear the pioneer scientist. Karma is real and we carry our own destiny and purpose based on all our lives dependant on our actions and lessons learnt in all our past lives. What we experience in our present life is the after result of all our past lives. All that we learnt and all the lessons we still must learn to grow into happy and illuminated beings. The entire life system is a path towards wisdom and happiness. Towards illumination. I've read too many b/s explanations of karma, life purpose and enlightenment, what you read here is the Truth. What karma really is based on my scientific studies and personal observation. One should be very gratefull that I share this piece of extremely vital information on my website for free. Learn to appreciate and start paying back, or karma will punish you. Our era is a total mess, chaotic and a slow torture for most, coz those who should have rewarded wisdom like mine still keep their mouths shut. As a result them also live slow death lives.


That's how karma works. Karma gives you the divine chances, and you MUST do everything possible to overcome all obstacles and achieve your destiny. Your karma.

         The most common obstacle very few overcome are our surroundings and the society's musts. For some weird reason everyone wants to be different and special, but on the other hand everyone tries so hard to not stand out and be the same like everyone else. Weird huh? Most lower their head and experience lifes their surroundings or society's norms chose for them. Well you can imagine how well that goes in the long run. And if too many also live boring and uninspired lives they didn't choose, then, here you have a boring uninspired and flat society. No inspiration, nothing to interest you truly, brings anger, fighting and all that congestion we commonly experience in the 21st century.

Please try to comprehend the perfect logic of each and every argument of mine, as a scientist who shares his results. I never speak my opinion. I always speak what I know scientifically.

Filippos April 2023         Finding your purpose and your destiny or karma is the easiest thing in the world if you have your ears open. But the problem is that most hear what they don't wanna hear. Coz it's hard to get, it's not an easy path and basically it's out of your comfort zone. But that's exactly why karma is so exciting! Instead of living the same for the decades to come as planned, you find your path or meet a karmic friend, and if you follow your karmic path regardless of the obstacles, suddenly this world is a different world! A much more exciting world. A world you wanna learn and explore from the beggining. But you don't know it till you reach your karma. The path untill reaching your karma can be monumentally challenging. Might seem to you like a deadend, like impossible to achieve etc. etc.


But if it's your karma and you play by its rules then one magic day all your thoughts and actions connect in one and you pass the door of your karma. All effort pays off and at last you unearth the treasure you hid inside you. Trust me, all succesful people followed their inner guide and then found their place in the world. Their karma. Ask them.

If you decide to avoid you karma coz it's too hard, or too complicated, or too risky, then with zero risk you'll deservingly experience the zero life you chose for yourself. Just look most over 40 and you'll see how bored to death they are. They didn't play by the rules of karma and lost. If you wanna live an exciting life and an inspiring love life, you must play by the rules of karma. You must break your head to overcome all obstacles and reach your karma. Oh boy the rewards when you overcome the huge karmic obstacles! There you'll find the life you always dreamt. Filled with inspiration, with an incredible will to live all aspects of life, and gazillion ideas of how to apotheosis the gift of life. These are the ingredients of a happy life. These are the ingredients of a blessed life. Play with the rules of karma and trully you'll live an exciting blessed life. Even if the whole world is against you. In my upcoming new abook, karma and the process of life is explained as openly as possible and according with science for the first time ever in human history. The Truth.

Finding your purpose is not the end,
it's the beggining of actually living!


how has the strategy of most sad people to ignore their karma or their problems worked for them so far?

Apr..23, 2023 [article's direct link]

Did they solve their problems, or did their problems kept growing bigger and bigger only coz they did nothing to address them? Problems don't solve themselves, we deal with them. The alike works with karma.

We either deal with our karmic challenges, or they grow bigger and nastier to the point where most over 40 can't breath anymore.
Locked inside a life they almost hate, with no inspiration, no dreams, they constantly lie even to themselves that they're okay. But inside them they all know that their life sucks. They blame their shitty life at everyone but them and their main excuse is that everyone's life is shitty too. But the truth man is that we all have a perfect chance to live a blessed life.


We're all born with all the neccesary gifts to find our purpose and live blissful fun lives. Meaning that our karmic challenges are directly analogous to our talents and gifts. Nothing is of coincidence. The life process is a perfectly logical system.

The catch is that playing with the rules of karma can be a monumental challenge. Sometimes you have to alter all you knew till then out of pure inspiration coz you found your path. Or if he, or she is your karma. And if you succeed, then come the amazing karma gains! You succesfully reached your karma by overcoming the huge obstacles? Well then, you deserve a karmic reward! Karmic rewards can be so huge that we can't even dream how huge. Karma is an incredible gift and life changer, if you play by its rules. The karmic rewards can even solve ALL our sleepless problems at once! 😲


Karma is a natural push system to reach your ideal self the soonest possible. That's why karma can change your life to exactly where you always dreamt of.

         Learn to love your karma coz it's purpose is reaching the best you. Avoiding your karma coz it's too hard, means that you're throwing your present life to the bin. It's like declaring to the life process that you don't deserve being born again. And I'm sorry to tell you, but this is exactly what will happen. You're tortured in this life with a slow death life of zero excitment, and you might not even gain the gift of life again for thousands and thousands of years. And if you live again then you'll receive much less than in this life, coz you mate failed. Avoiding your destiny or karma means that you avoid life itself. Then why should you receive a new life? You'll fail once more by being a boring adult who avoids life in general only coz it's not that easy. In terms of nature and the life process this is you being useless. The natural order of things avoids useless beings being born again coz they offer nothing to life, and even worst they corrupt people around them.

People out there: Stop wasting your lives! Play with the rules of karma, take the karmic challenges your guts tell you, do your best and oh boy the karmic rewards! Karmic rewards can be so huge that we can't even dream how huge. The karmic rewards can even solve ALL our sleepless problems at once! Learn finding your destiny. ✨


how can i tell who is my karmic lover?

Apr..23, 2023 [article's direct link]

         For example one can tell who's your karmic lover with love at first sight, and if you just can't stop thinking about them even years later. Even if you spoke with him only once or twice. The ones you remember by heart most of your conversations even years later and both of you still wonder what'd happen if you were together, are your karmic lovers. All this happen coz our karmic lovers are already within us genetically. We're connected with them literally. Physically. Our psyche orginate from the alike universe. We care for similar stuff, we enjoy similar stuff, we get excited with similar activities coz our lives have a past in the alike universe. We encounter once more in this life to expand all that we learnt together throughout our past lives, now in the present. If you ignore your karma oh boy what a wasted opportunity. It's almost certain that you'll keep on being haunted by the "what if". And be lonely for life.

Karma is something like a video game where after you complete one level, a new level appears. You acquire new abilities and then the old problems look like a joke.

         Consider yourself very lucky if you already met a karmic love. Most people spent entire lives never meeting anyone special. Not even one. Coz in their previous lives they didn't play with the rules of karma and avoided their karmic lovers. Do not understimate the power of karma. Play with the rules of karma and oh boy the incredible rewards! 💖🎬💰🏝️💖


For any kind of ideas, questions, comments, suggestions: , or message him via his Facebook or Instagram. Always open for the curious minds! :)




Apr..23, 2023 [article's direct link]

Shop@Amazon "The Revelation of Mona Lisa: A Guide in Wisdom"       The perfect example of what happens after you find your karmic purpose 🤔 is my life story. I knew since a baby that I have to find my purpose and destiny in this world, coz that's where my happiness and excitment is waiting for me. But as most of us, I had no idea where to look for. I was searching everywhere, certainly playing with the rules of karma to find my purpose in life, and their came this magical day on February 2012. That blessed day everything I ever thought about my life purpose connected altogether. Finally I believed in my genius so much, that a few hours later I solved the Mona Lisa riddle and decoded the Mona Lisa and Lionardo da Vinci after 500 years of global suspence! Opening the next step of Human Evolution where from one-dimensional beings we jump into three dimensional beings! 🥰


Shop@Amazon "The Revelation of Mona Lisa: A Guide in Wisdom" [B&W]Shop Ebook Kindle@Amazon "The Revelation of Mona Lisa: A Guide in Wisdom" Shop@Amazon Deluxe In Premium Colour Edition "The Revelation of Mona Lisa: A Guide in Wisdom"


My destiny, my karma is opening the Evolution Portal for humanity. Being the one who evolves mankind. Or mankind won't evolve. My since birth destiny and karma at last revealed to me! How could I ever imagine that my destiny goes that far? I really had no idea till I reached my purpose. That's how life works for all. You learn what your destiny is after reaching it.

        Since then I reached wisdom and my life is a completely different level of being. Before I was one-dimensional, seeking for inspiration. Now I'm constantly inspired, constantly connected with nature and the Cosmos. Constantly discovering what nobody knew before me, constantly at the edge of life, constantly very creative and productive. Constantly liberated, constantly new ideas arise. No whinining in my head. Zero, I wasted my life. Zero, I don't like me. No need to even lie. My life grew into my real life when I found my divine purpose in this life. Before I was the shadow of myself, now I'm the real me and I really love this real me. Exactly who I dreamt being as a being since I was a baby and had no idea how to make it true. I still remember how puzzled I was before and how pointless all seemed, till I awakened my wise cosmic self within and then all are History. Mankind now knows how to Evolve into a Higher Being.


A wise man in the 21st century? Nothing short of a miracle.

    This incredible story is my first abook "The Revelation of Mona Lisa: Guide in Wisdom." And it's all true. This is not just a book, this is the first time in our History that we created a Guide in Wisdom based on pure cosmic science. Even more when it's told as a historical fictional novel with a quite illuminated plot. If you understand the sayings of my abook you will for sure reach wisdom. Not a very easy road, let me warn you. How interesting that humanity through me opened the portal of our Evolution truly on 2012. Remember the 2012 end of the world theory coz the Mayan calendar ended on 2012? Well, the truth is that truly on 2012 mankind started a new calendar. The calendar of after learning that we all are anatomically three people in one. The sole path for growing into a three dimensional being just like all the advanced species in the Cosmos.

That's what destiny is. The Mayans read in the stars that this will happen in 2012. And it did! Make your own mind. Or remain one-dimensional forever.


BELIEVE IT OR NOT😲 the next day AFTER i published HERE MY new "karma" chapter ...60 people died in the village OF karma!

April 25, 2023 (Renew May 4th, 2023)

I observed it coz this has been happening very often. If not always. Since 2012 when I say something filled with cosmic wisdom, the Cosmos reacts and answers back! That's how trippy life is. That's how exciting it is being constantly connected with the Cosmos. Your being and thoughts are connected and interfere with the entire life process, literally! Plus it always comes with a useful for all message from the Cosmos. ✨

  WHEN THE COSMOS REACTS or speaks there's always a hidden message for us. You do a good thing for the Cosmos by sharing cosmic knowledge, and the Cosmos gives back by sharing vital information for our common good. A message we better comprehend for our own good. The Cosmos or nature's messages are always advices to all who have the ears to listen. If we get them, we learn vital cosmic information on how to save ourselves. If we don't get them, we don't save ourselves and experiene the disaster we didn't avoid. In a few, the Cosmos warns us. If we ignore the warning then the forthcoming disaster we were warned for, obviously explodes in our face.
   I will use as an example what happened the right next day after I published my new "Karma" chapter, at the village Karma 😲 in Burkina Faso.

The fact: "Yesterday we learnt that at the village of Karma 60 innocent people were executed from the military forces." So, what's the message from the Cosmos?

  As a real scientist who doesn't have an opinion but read the facts, the sole way to find the cosmic message that's directly connected with my cosmic wise revelations yesterday about karma, is by replacing in my articles about karma the horribile deaths that happened at the village Karma. That is as if I don't speak about karma, but about the Karma incident. It's not easy to do this replacing coz you're not as trained as I am in that kind of parallel thinking. But if you try you might get it by yourself also. Never forget that the cosmic messages are always about the big picture of the world. Never of small matter, always of huge matter.

  What I read from this cosmic message is that our karma, mankind karma, is exactly what happened at the village Karma. Mass deaths. The karma of mankind if we continue bussines as usual, is mass deaths. Is this a cosmic warning about the end of mankind? Scientifically, I must agree. That's the conclusion. Mankind is threatened by mass executions. The Cosmos just spoke and I'm here to interpret its messages. That's why I decided to write this article even if this is an ongoing private research where I'm still gathering data in order to find the Natural Law behind it. But this not a message for me only, this is a warning message for all mankind and I should share it now for our mutual good:

If you keep everything as is, then the karma of mankind is mass deaths. Mass executions as it happened in the village Karma. Be warned and change your ways. Don't ignore what happened in the village Karma, this is your karma too. If you ignore the horrible deaths at the village Karma, you ignore your own karma. And you'll face the same karma. Your mass deaths will happen, plus nobody would care. As the rest of the world didn't care about the village Karma at Burkina Faso. That's your karma too. Whoever has ears, let him listen. And change your ways! Learn to care for one another all around your planet. Learn not to turn a blind eye. Or perish.

  For example, if we read specifically yesterday that something very beautiful and special happened at a place named Karma, then the cosmic message directly connected with my wise revelations, would be that our karma would also be beautiful and special. But what happened at the village Karma is the cold blooded execution of 60 innocent citizens. Thus as a scientist I must read the fact. This is a warning message. Even if the massacre happened a few days before publishing my new Karma chapter, but nobody knew about it when I published it, it'd still mean that the Cosmos ignited me to reveal the Logic of Karma RIGHT NOW coz this is a warning message from the Cosmos. That's how marvellous the Cosmos is and that's what it means being one with the Cosmos. We live as one being. If the Cosmos is in pain, so am I. If the Cosmos is happy so am I. The Cosmos amplifies my wise messages, I amplify the Cosmos wise messages.

Healing the Cosmos is identical with healing myself.

  The conclusion of this dreadful cosmic message is that if we wanna change our karma of mass deaths we have to change our ways. Start caring for all, learn empathy, and certainly cut down to the bone all deliberate injustices by the governments all around our planet. Learn not to force unfairness. Learn not to turn a blind eye. Or our karma is to perish by mass executions. This is no joke.


We welcomed them with cries of joy thinking that they had come to bring peace and protect us. But the euphoria turned into a massacre from 1000 soldiers with the order to kill us all. The villagers of Karma describe it as an unjustified barbaric act by soldiers meant to protect them.

  Now you also know how this will end exactly. The Cosmos just spoke. Consider yourselves warned.


Will the people in charge change their ways and use their power for our mutual best, if they read this warning message from the Cosmos? I do not think so. There's no scientific thinking in their house. It's a disaster waiting to happen and they already know it. Oh God... At least I really try to prevent it, my karma is raised. 😇




Filippos Marinakis

    The illuminated polymath author, philosopher and artist Filippos Marinakis for writting the historical fiction illuminated Abook "The Revelation of Mona Li-sa: A Guide In Wisdom" studied 4,500 Lionardo da Vinci's manuscripts and around 20 sciences. He's also a pioneering scientist, a very accomplished TV series Development Producer, a filmmaker and a photographer.
  He Decoded the Mona Lisa on February 2012, keeping it a secret for more than 6 years, until publishing it in the one of a kind historical fiction illuminated Abook. He has graduated from Athens College, the Athens University of Economics and Business, and from the prestigious A.F.I. in Los Angeles for his Master Degree in filmmaking. Filippos currently resides in Athens-Greece.
   He enjoys a very peculiar and unexpected life and has already visited more than 35 countries in 4 continents, while he worked in two different continents. His biggest loves are the magic of love, the solving of mysteries, philosophy, humour, history, travelling, aesthetics, photography, filmmaking, sports, future scenarios, reverse thinking, the free expression of honest people, and a balance in society.

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- Renew Nov.29-2022

Whoever comprehends the sayings of this video will start Evolving. Learn Loving One Another.


  At this point we all know that we all have two very different half faces. But what does it mean practically? Do U know that this newfound Natural Law actually leads into our Next Evolutionary Step as a Species? Jesus Christ wisely said: Love One Another. Science agrees! Learn Loving One Another and You Will Save Yourselves. According with science, here is why and how YOU can ALSO EVOLVE:

WATCH how to evolve scientifically?





Filippos Marinakis "the revelation of mona lisa: guide in wisdom"

Shop@Amazon "The Revelation of Mona Lisa: A Guide in Wisdom"  At last the Mona Lisa is Decoded! Opening the path for mankind of how to Evolve from a flat one-dimensional being onto a wise three dimensional cosmic being! Mona Lisa's face is actually split into two different half faces as clearly seen here. Li-onardo da Vinci and Sa-lai, his long time companion. Behind Mona Li-Sa Lionardo da Vinci hid the unknown till now newfound Natural Law that: “Just like Mona Lisa, we all are Three People Joined in One Body!" Ever wondered why Lionardo da Vinci was such a genius? Believe it or not, this is actually the SOLE way for evolving onto a wise cosmic being similar with Lionardo da Vinci and the wise cosmic beings all-around the Cosmos. Our scientific facts have just been changed. The actual Da Vinci Code at last Decoded! Mankind Next Evolutionary Step? The Age of Our Great Awakening? Where were you when we started evolving? Whoever comprehends the sayings of this abook will Evolve.

Shop@Amazon "The Revelation of Mona Lisa: A Guide in Wisdom" [B&W]Shop Ebook Kindle@Amazon "The Revelation of Mona Lisa: A Guide in Wisdom" Shop@Amazon Deluxe In Premium Colour Edition "The Revelation of Mona Lisa: A Guide in Wisdom"


  "The pure Nicolas da Florentia age 29 at Italy in the 1800's, from being a romantic thinker Awakens his Inner Spiritual Guide and evolves onto the higher realms of Spiritual Awakening and Wisdom, after discovering the long-lost secret manuscript of Lionardo da Vinci favourite student, accounting his initiation into cosmic wisdom by Da Vinci himself. Based on 4,500 Da Vinci manuscripts, Nikolas decodes the Mona Lisa for real, and meets several karmic wise men on his way in Wisdom. He passionately searches for his other-half, and actually discover it inside him. He completely awakens his Inner Spiritual Guide, unifies his Three Selves, and with thrice as much brain-power Evolves into a Wise Cosmic Being, opening his cosmic Third Eye. The first and sole Guide in Wisdom in the history of mankind. Make your own mind. Or remain one-dimensional forever."




  "THIS SKY IS NOT MY SKY!" [2023]

Apr..9, 2023New EDIT 2023!

A short film from another planet. The confession of a wise boy from another planet when he realizes his extra-terrestrial origins, and what he makes of humanity from his wide perspective.

  THE THINGS I WAS TELLING MYSELF about my very spacial origins and/or ours, are literally MINDBLOWING! Take every word into account and you will learn what you didn't know before. I wrote+filmed this super artistic, poetic, thought provocative and extremely revealing film in 2013, but haven't edited it up till now. When I reread its script in 2020 I was in complete shock! I don't think that I could have told myself any clearer than this. As always all my short films reveal newfound knowledge. Do you know that scientifically we know almost nothing about our atmoshere? Why do we have an atmoshere? Ask the correct questions and you will find the correct answers. Why, for example, do I have a lion inside my pupils? Watch in the video my actual eye caught on camera with a... lion inside it. True scientists will for sure wonder why?

WATCH the short film from another planet?





Nov.29-2022 [Renew Nov.30,2022]

Jesus Christ said: Love One Another. Science agrees! According with science learn Loving One Another and You Will Save Yourselves, literally!

  INCREDIBLE NEWS! Who would believe that what Jesus said to his disciples about "Loving One Another", the core of Christianity's teaching, would prove being very very scientific and the sole way to save yourselves even according with modern science? The breaking news are really mindblowing: According with all sciences, if we learn Loving One Another We Will Save Ourselves, literally! Briefly: We all are two different people joined in one body for life. Anyone can prove the above newfound Natural Law by himself by comparing his own different half faces. Jesus Christ said: Love One Another and according with the new evolutionary facts after Mona Lisa's Decoding, science agrees! According with modern science, learn Loving One Another and You Will Save Yourselves, literally!!

WATCH HOW TO evolve scientifically?






Please hear the warning Message, it affects each one of us. GOD IS HERE! Watching us. Never Forget it. Mind Your Actions.


  GOD IS HERE! Watching Us. Never forget it. Mind Your Actions. Please hear the warning Message, it affects each one of us. There’s always a reason behind things. All are connected. Now we’re living the Gathering of Momentum, before the Momentum. Watch the 4 mins film and you'll see what I mean.






will the daring baloon cross the busy street???

The Decoding of our Era in 50 seconds. Five Years BEFORE the "American Beauty" (1999) IDENTICAL Plastic Bag scene which won them the Oscar for Best Picture 2000!


  ZURICH 1994. During our Interail around Europe Filippos age 21 spots with his Panasonic Videocamera this incredibly Daring Balloon! The street was quite busy but this couldn't stop this courageous blue balloon from crossing it! Did it succeed? Did it receive any help from the passing cars? I remember watching the balloon's daring in full agony and couldn't believe that I was so blessed for filming its amazing crusade! I must have held my breath for the entire minute. It really looks as if this Balloon is a person! Hope u love it also :) Furthemore, it's the Decoding of our Era in 50 seconds.

  "AMERICAN BEAUTY" [1999]. Five years after my Daring Balloon Scene I went to the movies and saw "American Beauty" and was shocked when I saw the IDENTICAL 3 mins Plastic Bag Scene. My friends were also shocked. Watch their copy-paste scene for yourself. We're talking about the identical idea AND the identical filming! This cannot be a coincidence. We're talking about a copy-paste scene!... Even worst I got so angry from all the boasting from the American Beauty character, describing us how come "he the sensitive soul" filmed the wind blowing this plastic bag. And even daring to claim that "This is the most beautiful thing HE ever filmed!" Plagiarism at a whole another level. Which won them the 2000 Oscar's Best Picture Award, and was actually the basis of this boy's character in American Beauty. I kept it secret for 28 years, well not anymore. :) Even funnier at the end of the movie Kevin Spacey says while we're watching the plastic bag: "My heart fills up like a BALLOON! You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But don't worry. You will someday."

Filippos ©1994. I reserve my legal rights for pressing charges.





My Take on Terry Gilliam's "Brazil", Filmed in Rio De Janeiro. When A 30 Year Dream Became A Mindblowing HOT Reality!

  WHAT IS BRAZIL? Terrry Gilliam's "Brazil" is my favorite film of all time since I first admired it 30 years ago. Who'd ever imagine that thirty years later I'd visit Brazil for the very first time and totally fell inlove with Brazil! I mean, I've NEVER felt so home, even if I've already travelled in more than 40 countries in four continents. What is Brazil? Brazil is our dream world. The place where we transfer when we close our eyes. Our ideal world. Where we wanna belong in our near future. When we make our dreams, our reality. Oh boy the Dreams I have about my near future!... Well, here's is their visualization. Out of the 20 fast films I've made, this is my favorite of them all. A dream come true. Definitely watch the film's ending!...



"THE BIRDS!" |2022
massive PREDATOR birds of different species DANCE FOR US in ecuador! Why?

My Take on Hitchcock's "The Birds" as it unfolded infront of my shocked eyes! True story. They danced for us!


  St. Pedro, South Pacific Ecuador: Incredible Massing of MASSIVE PREDATOR BIRDS in Ecuador! Why? What brought them together? Does anyone know their species? What was the outcome of their convention?






[Anew 13-2-2022]

Here flying is the son of Icarus, Modestus. A Sun Children. He kept the dream, but also, learnt from his father’s mistakes. For so he safely flew aaaaall around the Sun! Oh boy, I wish many more will start learning from their past mistakes. 

Here flying is the son of Icarus, Modestus.   

  In Greek mythology, Icarus was the son of the architect and master craftsman Daedalus, the creator of the Minoataur Labyrinth, for the famous king Minos around 3500 BC. For his shake the entire era was called Minoan Crete and lasted more than 1500 years. Located on the island of Crete in today's Greece, the Minoan Civiization was the first complex civilization of Europe, and the originator of the Greek Alphabet, which became the basis for all latin languages. Icarus and Daedalus, though, attempted to escape from Crete. And since the island of Crete is hundred of kilometers away from land, the mater craftsman Daedalus constructed from feathers and wax, human size wings. So they could fly out of Crete. Then his son Icarus, was ready for taking the big journey to liberation. His father Daedalus warns him of complacency and then of hubris, instructing him to fly neither too low nor too high, lest the sea's dampness clog his wings, or, the sun's heat melt them. Icarus ignores Daedalus’s instructions not to fly too close to the sun, causing the wax in his wings to melt. He tumbles out of the sky, falls into the sea, and drowns.

  In the picture above, the son of Icarus, Modestus, flies all safe coz he learnt from his father's mistake. The Sun Children Modestus kept the dream, but also, learnt from his father’s mistakes. For so he safely flew aaaaall around the Sun! Oh boy, I wish many more will start learning from their past mistakes. 

  [I took this foto at Elafonisi, in Crete where the original myth occurred]






The Difference Between A Miserable Society, And A Joyous Society.

Dreaming of a Lovely World  THE PROBLEM OF AN UNFAIR and consequently dysfunctional system which constantly leans towards its own side, is that it may become rich and powerful---but simultaneously---it builds an unfair and fraudulent world. And that makes even the rich system unhappy. Coz it lives inside an unfair and quite fraudulent world. Since it has built a world where people around it are exactly how it trained them: phony, lickers, hypocrites, liars, opportunists, ready to screw you over, nobody trusts anybody, unfair and altogether miserable and unhuman. As a consequence, even this rich system lives in a fraudulent, miserable and unhuman world. Is that really what it wants?

I think that’s what Plato would
say if he lived in the 21st century

  But if our system lets everything run naturally--based on meritocracy and fairness--then all these fraudulent people who surround it won’t be fraudulent. Coz then they would have been trained on being as fair and capable as possible. Then the people around them would be living in a fair world, since they would now be fair and real. Thus everyone would be more pleasant, much less sneaky and even the system would live a much more pleasant daily life. This doesn’t sound such a bad prospect now, does it?

  This is the difference between a dysfunctional unfair system, compared with a functional fair system. With a dysfunctional system you may be rich, but all around you everyone is unhappy, thus, you too. While with a functional fair system, you might have less riches, but everyone around you is happier, thus you also. What a good idea, right?

  Anyhow, the ones running the unfair system won’t get poorer. Basically, their actual abilities brought them running the system, and not their cunning. Consequently, inside a fair system they will be once more in the front line, and they’d once more amass lots of wealth. They might even amass even more wealth. Who knows? It hasn’t been tried before.

  With the huge difference though, that they will then live in an altogether much happier world. Thus, they will also be much happier. Perfect, huh?

  With fairness, everybody wins. Win-Win. This is the magic of living inside a functional world. The sooner we get it, the sooner all of us would be much more happier. It’s that simple. Do we now get it?

Meaning that if the current mentality stays as is, then we'll all continue living in a quite miserable and hostile world. Our choice.

  Same goes for blocking newfound knowledge which advances our species, for whatever reason. Those who block it remain ignorant too and underdeveloped, compared with their potential. Falling under your potential by choice? Now that's odd and mazochist.

  With Love,

#FreedomOfExpression [pdf Guide]







‒22-7-2020‒ [Renew 30-7-2020]

  What is ΦDay? The starting point of the ΦNew Age!... An Age of Truth. Welcome my most Spacial+Personal +Revealing+Emotional+Vital Film. Momentum of End Game. Accompagnied with films whome documented his actual story. Welcome Reality: WE ARE NOT ALONE! There are factual civilized civilization’s outside Terra-Earth. Fact. The Message are very clear, as shown in the Film: “Welcome the Man, then the Woman Will Come! There's a StarFleet Waiting in the Sky.” Φ Historical Age? Or, maybe the End of terramen? The animals may hardly wait for this day!



Renew 23-8-2020

Please, No More Mythstory!   Many people wonder how may one tell, which part of the “recordedhistory” is actual, and which is silly propaganda.The answer is very-very simple. In one sentence:

Almost all discoveries, inventions and epochs, have ALWAYS happened from the genius of ONE MAN who lived during this epoch." The rest “recorded history” is mythstory. Plagiarists. Our Era future historians will name it: "The Age Of Deception." Mark my words.








Renew 27-1-2021

     Coz God+Nature+? hasn’t destroy+heal this sickness in the last 80 years, does that mean that they'll never get punished? Haven’t they read even at their mythstory, about extinction event's, which ALREADY happened? Haven’t they read about the “7 plagues of the Faraoe”?? Haven’t they read about the cataclysm, recorded in the History of so many parts of the globe?? The violent death of Minoan civlization from one volcanic erruption? The violent death of the Greek-Roman civilization from one plague? The violent bottleneck of mankind after the erruption of one volcano, which resulted at only 10,000 humans all around the globe? Did they too, so easily forget the poverty, misery of the Dark Ages; which held them slaves to all for 1,000 years?? I mean, the European Dark Ages would possifle never change, if Lionardo-Leonardo Δa Vinci wasn’t born! We would still be in the Dark Ages! Also, it was done only 500 years ago! What more do we have to know, in order to cut out this self-destructing mentality of terramen of our times??? God+Nature+?, sees us all! I mean, if you believe that "that's how life is", then, honestly, why are you so evil and bring more children into this slavery? Food for thought.

  Furthermore, if dead people would be able to tell us, how much they suffer in the Afterlife! I’m talking about ALL these OLD chaps, morons, richfatidiots; who think that because they got away from pure punishment in this life; they were correct that God+Nature+?, doesn’t exist, and there won’t be A fair punishment?! What a JOKE! Oh Boy! If you could also hear their, perhaps, eternal scream's! But, it’s not a coincidence that we cannot hear their Afterlife experiences. It’ll always be a choice, while we’re in flesh. That's the Truth. A choice. The Pandemic's, though, is already here to stay, for a whole year already.

  Is this First Pandemic, God+Nature's answer to mankind manking being extremely dangerous for the whole planet?

    My personal goal, my dream: Actually fix+cure all of our mistakes. Mostly concentrating on logical mistakes of our era, scientific mistakes, and our quite nasty most times personal behaviour. And may GOD help me! :)



filmarK productions

FilMark Productions Official PageBesides being a polymath historical fiction author and developing TV shows there's plenty of love for all Arts. My Filippos Marinakis and Enchanted Rebel youtube channels showcase my Artistic Cosmic Self. Lionardo da Vinci said, if you create Art, create Art worth observing. An entire New Level of travel films re-creating the entire feeling of each country with lyrical dreamy images, an interesting story and lots of magical moments and hidden knowledge to observe and learn from. The song lyrics matter uppermostly. The wise may also find plenty of wisdom. The reccuring theme is how specially nature interacts with one who's One with nature. The beauty my cosmic eyes witness, thanks at nature's love. Also a series of teen pop shorts with more than 1 million views. My cosmic films goal is travelling you at another dimension. Take your edge off. Love nature. Please, share!

playlist of filippos short film's



Filippos Fotography Gallery: eYES wIDE oPEN   WATCH THE SLIDE-SLOW HERE of more than 30 photos, or scroll for the gallerys. Since I was a boy I loved trippinng around theglobe with my camera in hand, always. Especially in our times, we're the first generation which can travel easily to anywhere in our planet. My trips started on a cruise going to Konstanoypolis, Kusadashi, and the most intriguing Cairo and Luxor in Egypt. There a street boy was dealng about selling souvenirs, and the funniest was that instead of lowrering the price, he asked for more and more!

Salto Angelo in Venezuela. 

           Since then I've been wth my camera as my best friend all around Greece, from motherland Crete to Soufli on the borders with Turkey. Tripping continues with the Interail and travel around Europe, specifically Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice.

          In later years I went 5 times to Thaliand, and also to Cambodia 3 years after they allowed tourists and yeah, in Pnom Pegn there were dozen of gigantic bats flying around us and yes cockroaches certainly claim to own this land.

            Romania and Transylania in order to see where Dracula lived. Also, did a road trip from Barcelona to Morocco, and a road trip on Route 66 from Los Angeles to Texas and oh boy talking about an adventure... Venezuela is also such a beautiful exotic place, which was my 1st foto travel e-book.

            This part of my site is all about images and not about words. May we share together our beautiful lands and throw the trashies. This is for the glory and perfection of Nature!

*The featured photo is from the borders of Cambodia and Thailand. I asked to take his picture and he asked in return to offer him a cigarette. Kindly notice the "friendly" posture of the locals in his background... The second photo is from Koh Chang in Thailand, and the third one is the longest waterfall on Earth, 1km long, the Salto Angelo in Venezuela.

















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