The Beauty my Cosmic Eyes captured during my travels all around Earth. Art worthy of being observed. Your sole chance of seeing life through the eyes of a wise three dimensional cosmic being who's one with nature and the Cosmos. Be warned, the images are breathtaking. 😲

FilMark Productions Official Page    Besides being a polymath historical fiction author and developing TV shows there's plenty of love for all Arts. My Filippos Marinakis and Enchanted Alien Boy youtube channels showcase my Artistic Cosmic Self. Lionardo da Vinci said, if you create Art, create Art worthy of being observed. An entire New Level of travel films re-creating the entire feeling of each country with lyrical dreamy images, an interesting story and lots of magical moments and hidden knowledge to observe and learn from. The song lyrics matter uppermostly. The wise may also find plenty of wisdom. The reccuring theme is how specially nature interacts with one who's One with nature. Also a series of teen pop shorts with more than 1 million views. My cosmic films goal is travelling you at another dimension. Take your edge off. Love nature. Please, share.



Dreamy Amazon Ecuador in 5 Minutes | Cinematic Budget Destinations [2023]

Twenty-one never to be forgotten dreamy days and nights at raw, wild and quite dreamy Amazon at Ecuador. A dream come true. Filippos at the Amazon! 🔆


  Seven days with a quite fun and friendly Amazon Tribe & two dreamy weeks at the Magical Andes, at crazy clubbing Montanita and the Pacific Ocean with huge Predator Birds dancing for us. What more do you want for a budget exotic trip? A hidden gem?...




  "THIS SKY IS NOT MY SKY!" [2023]

Apr..9, 2023NEW EDIT 2023

A short film from another planet. The confession of a wise boy from another planet when he realizes his extra-terrestrial origins, and what he makes of humanity from his wide perspective.

  THE THINGS I WAS TELLING MYSELF about my very spacial origins and/or ours, are literally MINDBLOWING! Take every word into account and you will learn what you didn't know before. I wrote+filmed this super artistic, poetic, thought provocative and extremely revealing film in 2013, but haven't edited it up till now. When I reread its script in 2020 I was in complete shock! I don't think that I could have told myself any clearer than this. As always all my short films reveal newfound knowledge. Do you know that scientifically we know almost nothing about our atmoshere? Why do we have an atmoshere? Ask the correct questions and you will find the correct answers.

Watch "this sky is not my sky!" short film?



WE ALL HAVE TWO DIFFERENT HALF FACES, BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN? how to awaken your second-one self?

How to Evolve yourselves onto your own Awakening?


  At this point we all know that we all have two very different half faces. But what does it mean practically? Do U know that this discovery actually leads into our Next Evolutionary Step as a Species? Here is why and how YOU can ALSO EVOLVE:





Please hear the warning Message, it affects each one of us. GOD IS HERE! Watching us. Never Forget it. Mind Your Actions.


  GOD IS HERE! Watching Us. Never forget it. Mind Your Actions. Please hear the warning Message, it affects each one of us. There’s always a reason behind things. All are connected. Now we’re living the Gathering of Momentum, before the Momentum. Watch the 4 mins film and you'll see what I mean.




Interrail 1994 |90's teen spirit

Life in the 90's with a Poetic Eyesight!


  TRIBUTE IN THE 90'S CELEBRATION GENERATION with a dreamy music film which hopes of reminding us the galore of the 90's. Lots of special moments for observing, the Oscar Winning Daring Balloon scene, camera tricks I did 20 years before everybody else, and me filming the Mona Lisa in Louvre 18 years before I actually decoded Mona Lisa!... Karma is real. Destiny exists. 1994 in Amsterdam, Versailles, Zurich, St. Gallen, Saint Tropez, Paris, Firenze, Venice and Lido. Filippos Age 20. Edited in 2022.


will the daring baloon cross the busy street???

The Decoding of our Era in 50 seconds. Five Years BEFORE the "American Beauty" (1999) IDENTICAL Plastic Bag scene which won the Oscar for Best Picture 2000!


  ZURICH 1994. During our Interail around Europe Filippos age 21 spots with his Panasonic Videocamera this incredibly Daring Balloon! The street was quite busy but this couldn't stop this courageous blue balloon from crossing it! Did it succeed? Did it receive any help from the passing cars? I remember watching the balloon's daring in full agony and couldn't believe that I was so blessed for filming its amazing crusade! I must have held my breath for the entire minute. It really looks as if this Balloon is a person! Hope u love it also :) Furthermore, it's the decoding of our Era in 50 seconds.

  "AMERICAN BEAUTY" [1999]. Five years after my Daring Balloon Scene I went to the movies and saw "American Beauty" and was shocked when I saw the IDENTICAL 3 mins Plastic Bag Scene. My friends were also shocked. Watch their copy-paste scene for yourself. We're talking about the identical idea AND the identical filming! This cannot be a coincidence. We're talking about a copy-paste scene!...




My Take on Terry Gilliam's "Brazil", Filmed in Rio De Janeiro. When A 30 Year Dream Became A Mindblowing HOT Reality!

  WHAT IS BRAZIL? Terrry Gilliam's "Brazil" is my favorite film of all time since I first admired it 30 years ago. Who'd ever imagine that thirty years later I'd visit Brazil for the very first time and totally fell inlove with Brazil! I mean, I've NEVER felt so home, even if I've already travelled in more than 40 countries in four continents. What is Brazil? Brazil is our dream world. The place where we transfer when we close our eyes. Our ideal world. Where we wanna belong in our near future. When we make our dreams, our reality. Oh boy the Dreams I have about my near future!... Well, here's is their visualization. Out of the 20 fast films I've made, this is my favorite of them all. A dream come true. Definitely watch the film's ending!...





"THE BIRDS!" (2022)
massive PREDATOR birds of different species gather in ecuador! Why?

My Take on Hitchcock's "The Birds" as it unfolded infront of my shocked eyes! True story.


  St. Pedro, South Pacific Ecuador: Incredible Massing of MASSIVE PREDATOR BIRDS in Ecuador! Why? What brought them together? Does anyone know their species? What was the outcome of their convention?





THE CINEMATIC real experience [2022]

Curious about the Amazon and Ecuador? Nine Mini Films in One will Travel You Into Its Heart and Rawness. An Entire New Level in Travel Films?


  AMAZON INDIGENOUS TRIBE for 7 days, the Andes, the South Pacific and plenty very unique moments created magically from Nature. They say that one image is a thousand words. What about hundreds of images then, combined with magical tunes and wise lyrics, narrating a much more interesting story than all the movies I've seen the past decade?... I hope you enjoy it! The original idea was to follow the Sun, and Ecuador is where the Sun reaches its nearest point to Earth. Watch the Dreamy Ecuador Short Film here, or view the photo gallery below. This is how one interacts with Nature, when he’s one with Nature. Follow your eyes. Love Nature! 😘🥳🥰


   Every wise man is one with Nature. Coz he’s wise enough for knowing that all nature are co-inhabitants and equal members of one symbiotic body and mind, called Earth. When you embody and live by this knowledge, then you and Nature are one. You feel what Nature feels, you play with nature as if you’re best mates, you love nature as much as yourself, and Nature in return plays with you also. As perfectly exhibited in all my travel films, and especially in this one. Nature almost always creates a mindblowing spectacle for my eyes. And thru my youtube channel, for your eyes also! ;) Thru my Guide in Wisdom abook now, well, it's YOUR opportunity for reaching wisdom and illumination. Free choice.

Filippos All Films!


  Created/Filmed/Mixed: Filippos Marinakis. Filmed in Ecuador, September 2021, with a Cannon 5D, a Lumix G3 and the very handy 4K Lamtech action cam. Edited in 2022.







UH... Hey! I am the true Peter Pan!... Like A Boy from Another Planet! :) Ultra poetic+artistic film. UH... Hey! I am the true Peter Pan!... "This sky is NOT my sky! These humans are NOT my people. Where are my people? Are they going to pick me up And love to join? Or am I expelled from my sky? Coz I did not aid it with all my strength? Coz I did not focus all my energy and abilities towards the common universal growth? Or was I sent here to learn & teach? Is this my road?" The things I was telling myself about my very spacial origins are literally MINDBLOWING! Also says lyrically plenty details about our “unknown origins”...

  I wrote+filmed this superartistic, poetic, thought provocative and, extremely revealing film in 2013, but haven't edited it up till now. When I reread its script in 2020 I was in complete shock! I don't think that I could have told myself any clearer than this. I think that some people, including me, will start "screaming"! Hahaha :) A Boy From Another Planet confession. The answer about how different I feel in this sooooo one-dimensional world. I promise I didn't change a word from the original script written 7 years before I truly realized that... Read whole story here:

Written+Created+Directed+Filmed+Editing+Music Mix: Filippos Marinakis
The Fonts in the Film are my own handwriting
Filmed: 2013+2020 ©2020
Occasional Camera Wrangler: Flo, MY Ex. (Hahaha:))


Filippos All Films!Soundtrack (My mix): [Telling a parallel story]
Green Fields –Brothers Four
Nature Boy –Nat King Cole
Space Odyssey –David Bowie
I can’t Escape Myself – The Sound
Saucerful of Secrets –Pink Floyd
Hello SpaceBoy –David Bowie
Blade Runner theme –Cosmic Baby
Hosanna – O.S.T. Jesus Christ Superstar

Φίλιππος Μαρινάκης ©2020
#FDay #FilmPoetry #FromAnotherPlanet

This is the Playlist with my Trilogy of Film's From Another Planet:Trilogy: Filippos Fiilm's From Another Planet




   I have also written two very original feature scripts and a TV Series, and I am looking for a Producer and Funding, or even better a family. A super crazy comedy and a coming of age feature film, both primarily for a young audience and pretty easy for producing. The TV series is a thought provoking extravaganza romantic drama. All three are written for a worldwide audience and I believe they may become a commercial+artistic hit. At this point I don’t even have to say that their filming would be a new era for filmmaking. I have all these images inside me which can't wait to get out!... Just picture me planning my filming and with an actual crew and actors!... Unique film's, like from Another Planet! :) The very original A.I. video game I wrote is a 100% certain that it will become an instant worldwide success. It requires many partnerships and it's so mindblowing that we'll probably forget all the other video games. A New Category of Video Games! :)






Do U wanna know what the ΦDay is? This film sets the momentum of the ΦDay.

    “Welcome the Man, then the Woman Will Come! There's a StarFleet Waiting in the Sky.” The Animal’s may hardly wait for this day! Φ New Historical Age? Read the Whole Spacial Story here:

Filmed+Created+Mixed: Filippos Marinakis (Φίλιππος Μαρινάκης) [2020]
Filmed in Athens: May-July 2020. Exterior sound's are kept as was.

Soundtrack: [Use of Headphone's in MAXIMUM Volume, Recommended]
+Him: The Royal Dust [Ksylina Spathia (transliterated: Wooden Sword's)]
FilMark Productions YouTube Channel+While my guitar gently weeps [Me and Beatles]
+Sympathy for the Devil [Rolling Stones remix, from film C.R.A.Z.Y.]
+The Trial [Pink Floyd]
+Land of a Thousand Words [Scissor Sisters]
+Us&Them [Pink Floyd]
+Starman [David Bowie]






EUROPA: I Feel Love Vs Sweet Dreams [2020]

Mind-playing Film Diving U Deep into Europa... 8mins of Trippy European Off-Beat Landscapes out of 13 Years of Travel.

   Sometimes you feel real love, and sometimes you know that it's just Sweet Dreams. Made of Tears. Smoke gets in your eyes? Love will tear us apart? Or love will lift you up in the sky? Which is it? In this wicked little town...

  A visit to Paris, Montmartre, Pigal, Pompidou, Transylvania, Black Sea, Constanta, Romania, Athens, Thessaloniki, Folegandros, Elafonisos, Meteora, Epidavros, Pilio, Luzern-Swiss, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Valencia, Figueroa, London and Amsterdam. I hope u'll enjoy it! :)

  Written/Filmed/Edited/Mashed up by: Filippos Marinakis (Φίλιππος Μαρινάκης)

FilMark Productions YouTube ChannelO.S.T.: Europa title scene (Lars for Trier) -I feel love (Donna Summer- Cowley megamix) -Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) -Arabian Nights (Disney- Aladdin) -Song 2 (Blur) -Nice Dream (Radiohead)
Filmed around Europe during 2006-2019.




RAW ECSTASY [filmed 1992-edited 2019]

14min Sports Trippy-Fun 90's revival. 150+ Dunks and 25+ Blocks! RU Ready for it?

 A fun buddies-day back in 1992, competing and dunking as if we're on the NBA playoffs! Plus, a mashed-up 90's Revival Soundtrack! Inspired by Dominique Wilkins, Shawn Kemp and Michael Jordan! First part in Mini Baskets, Second Part in Pro Baskets [12:37]. Enjoy! Plus, a mashed-up 90's Revival Soundtrack!

Created by: Filippos Marinakis (Φίλιππος Μαρινάκης)
Filmed: 1992
Created: 2019

Mashed-up 90's Soundtrack:
+KISS OFF- Violent Femmes Vs ASI ME GUSTA MI (remix by me)-
+Chimo Bayo Vs I FEEL LOVE- Donna Summer (Cowley megamix) Vs (YOU GOTTA) FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT (TO PARTY)
FilMark Productions YouTube Channel+ Beastie Boys Vs LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY- Donna Summer (Giorgio Moroder Feat. Chris Cox Remix) AVE MARIA- Aria 2
Café Del Mar
+ONE STEP BEYOND- Madness CELEBRATION GENERATION- Westbam (remix by me) JUMP AROUND (remix by me)
+ House of Pain Vs Joel Fletcherreece low remix Vs I GET AROUND- Beach Boys LET'S DANCE- Ramones SONG 2- Blur
+ SABOTAGE- Beastie Boys




How to Find Answers about Everything?
[2013- 6min]

Philosophical Dreamy+Inspirational Thriller. Inside the 2,500 years old Delphi Temple the Oracle shares her wise Message to Mankind. Are we ready for Mankind's Next Step?

  The first step is Observing. Then in order to get great answers first you need to ask great questions. Is there Truth to be found? Watch what happens when someone does ask the perfect questions, and how far that takes him. Is there Truth to be found? How to find answers about everything?

  Filmed in the visually stunning "Mordor like" medieval hilltop monasteries of Meteora/Greece from the 11th century, and inside the 2,500 years old Delphi Temple. The conclusion of this short dream-like film is a "Message to Mankind," given to me, right after my spiritual transportation to the middle of the Cosmos, observing it from a distance; as a result from Decoding the Mona Lisa and her unprecedented deriving knowledge. More information about my historical fiction novel "The Revelation of Mona Li-Sa", which, at last, decodes the Mona Lisa, can be found here: https://filippos.com There, one may also read the Decoding of the Mona Lisa for free, or one may view the decoding video here: https://youtu.be/ENY-cPv5BJo I hope u'll enjoy it! :)

  Written/Filmed/Edited by: Filippos Marinakis (Φίλιππος Μαρινάκης)

FilMark Productions YouTube ChannelO.S.T.: "Lord of the Rings prologue theme," by Howard Shore. Filmed with a Mark II around the amazing monasteries in Meteora and the holy temple in Delphi, in wondrous Greece. Originally uploaded on 2013, and edited 20 secs on 2019.







4min Trippy Portugal + Enchanted Rebel's Initial Statement

  A cinematic Portugal through the artistic eyes of the Enchanted Rebel and a surprise live performance of the legendary 80's rock band "Europe" at a Lobster Festival. The audience LOVED it! Written/Filmed/Edited/Mashed up by: Filippos Marinakis (Φίλιππος Μαρινάκης) Filmed: 2010 Created: 2020



VENEZUELA: You’re NOT Alone!
[Dark humour-2019-6min]

There's good reason that Venezuela is called: "The Lost Paradise" See why? ;)

  I’ve created a video of Venezuela’s Tropical Beauty for solidarity at Venezuelans and reminding them that “They’re NOT Alone!” Be wary, there’s a kind of twisted humour in this fast film! Lyrics matter tons. It's also my 1st photo-travel e-book:

  I visited the Lost Paradise of Venezuela several years ago and I’m truly saddened by the political turmoil that Venezuelans suffer the past years. Our thoughts are with them! Please Share it with your friends, I think that everybody should know how stunning Venezuela is and what the stake is. May Venezuela find its peace ASAP.

FilMark Productions YouTube Channel  Created by: Filippos Marinakis (Φίλιππος Μαρινάκης)

O.S.T.: Home (You’re not Alone), by Chakra
Romeo + Juliet Opening Scene
Preciso me Encontrar, by Cartola

Filmed: 2009 Created: 2019




Paradise on Earth: TRIPPY & SCENIC Thailand [2015- 8min]

Sit back and forget all your troubles!




"Trying to catch the trippy scenery & true feeling of Thailand."


  This film is dedicated to Rian Ngaonoi, my Thai friend, who sadly left this world 6 months after my visit. Rest in Peace Rian and thank you for all the beautiful moments we shared.

Filmed & Edited by Filippos Marinakis.
Filmed with a Mark II during June 2015 all over coastial Thailand. Here is a YouTube playlist with all my trippy videos at exotic countries, Seeking for Paradise on Earth:

FilMark Productions YouTube ChannelSoundtrack:

"The 2nd Law - Isolated System" by Muse
"Everything in the right place" by Radiohead
"Better off Alone" by Alice Deejay




[2min. Lyrical short film with English subtitles. 55K Views]

Where others see sparkles, I can see a whole lot of fireworks.


  A poetic Oliver moon-dreams into the streets of rioting Athens in 2012 seeking for answers in writings on the wall.






   This is the initial video we did with Florian using voice over for the narration. Basically, Florian wrote the featured poem the day we first met, I loved it and thought about making a short film around the poem, and film it together with another film I was preparing about the novel I've published. Since his poem was about a writing on a Wall, then we should film around writings on the Wall and into the streets of rioting Athens. We both loved the idea and went on filming it in very after hours. Florian then came up with some amazing editing and very proudly we published it and reached around 55,000 views.

[Unfortunately, Florian proved to be not worthy... At least, for me. When we met, 8 years ago on 2012, a million young Greeks hated the guts out of him, and I stood up for him. I directed and wrote videos, with him acting, because he confessed to me back then, that he was even afraid to ride on a bus. I also educated him for almost two years, and even told him my Mona Lisa’s Decoding. To see him years later, being proud like a parrot, of working for “Da Vinci Resolve”?? To me, that’s shameless. Hopeless. And years later, on 2020, as I was checking on him whether he stole my ideas for the “millionth” time, he did a two months “gay-lord” charade in Instagram, and with a crowd, happily following this heartless deceit... In order to attract me, and... hurt me. This crowd was having a blast!?! If there wasn’t any crowd involved, I wouldn’t be writing all these. I’d just ignore him. Of course, I already know what a heartless person he is, but still, how can he be so uncaring for my emotions, and in PUBLIC VIEW? This is a reasonable+friendly memo, to avoid such traps. The truth must be told. Thank God, there are plenty of kind people out there. Not him.]

Director, Filming, Idea of, Producer: Filippos Marinakis
Performs Oliver/Editing/Extra shots & SFX: Florian





Mona Lisa Code here?  Filmark Productions were born in 2004 in Los Angeles for "KEEPER OF THE PAST, " our AFI graduate student thesis which won the Special Jury Award in WorldFest Houston and we sold the rights at HBO. For a thesis film having the talents of the infamous Steven Bower, "Manolo" (best friend of "Antonio Montana" in one of my favorite films of all times: "SCARFACE") and Adam Rodriguez, star of the ultra-popular MIAMI CSI, was an amazing experience. Our short film travelled around the world in many festivals.["Keeper of the Past" official website, 2005, 18min, USA-Thriller]

*** Official Selection of HDFEST 2005, LA Shorts Fest, Arizona International Film Festival, Worldfest Houston Film Festival, River Run Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival ***"

  Plot: "Stanley is a computer expert hired by political campaigns to manipulate images and create scandals on opposing candidates. He is the best at what he does and his manipulations often become the accepted truth. But there is one past he cannot alter: his own."

Based on a short story by Edmundo Paz-SoldánFilMark Productions YouTube Channel
Produced by Filippos Marinakis
Written and Directed by Alonso Mayo
Cinematography by Zoltán Honti
Edited by Wilson Tai
Original Score by Andy Dragazis
Starring: Adam Rodriguez (MIAMI CSI), Steven Bauer (SCARFACE), Robin Paul, Katherine Hawkes & Brent Florence
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0443558/






THE summer SPIRIT OF greece FROM a local photographer [2014]

The mythical Summer Spirit of Greece?

  Trying of catching the very trippy summer spirit and true feeling of my homecountry. Trippy scenery and video collages, flying, dancing, waves, singing, sunsets, stoned corridors, street bands and whatever consists of an amazing summer in Greece from a local's POV.

  Summer's spirit may look different in pictures, but in spirit it's universal. During the year we live our excuses, but during the summer we awake our true self. No matter how young or old, we all want to party. To spend all day at the beach. To play, to fool around and once again: to party.

Filmed & Edited by Filippos Marinakis

Filmed in Chania, Rethymno, Sifnos and Athens/Greece, with a Mark II and a GoPro.

FilMark Productions YouTube ChannelSoundtrack: "The Launch" by Dj Jean
"Wide Open Space" (Perfecto Mix) by Mansun
"The Great Gig in the Sky" by Pink Floyd
"Mala Vida" by Mano Negra "
I heard it through the grapevine" by Marvin GayeWATCH FILM?




Here to Stay, in Morocco [2006]

How do Moroccans teens spend their time?


 Trying of catching the trippy scenery & true feeling of Morocco.

  Moroccans love swimming and the sea, as they love poking each other. The camera follows their interactions and their efforts to make everything look funny. Morocco is also not part of the African Union, and you can see with your own eyes how a nation can be religious and playful and sexy, simultaneously. Moroccans told us that the burka isn't exactly enforced and its purpose is to show that their family is of high morals and ethics. This is my first YouTube video, during the summer of 2006.

Filmed & Edited by Filippos Marinakis

FilMark Productions YouTube ChannelFilmed with a DV Sony in 2006.
Soundtrack: "Here to stay" by New Order.WATCH FILM?





filmarΤ productions (2012-2014)

Filmart Shorts- YouTube Playlist

 The Filmart short films we did with controversial teenager Florian, are based on our sleepless philosophical conversations. (total views around 1 mil) All 7 are about a poetic boy daydreaming or moon-dreaming in an effort to cope within our vile epoch.

 For me these videos are a very interesting and artistic collaboration between two generations, since I was 39-40 during these days and Florian was 17-18. Our videos artistically are, I think, a combination of the best of both worlds. By being a professional in TV and FIlms, it was such a refreshing two years where the two of us were the whole "production crew" and had all this flexibility to act as we felt during our amazing times filming.
  Our Filmart period was a very special period of mine, exploring the magic of Romanticism and artistic positivity during the Renaissance, through the art and philosophy of Leonardo Da Vinci, which was our central theme. More in the novel I'm publishing on October the 20th, 2018, about Leonardo and Mona Lisa. :)
  Filmart Productions are a subsidiary of FilMarK Productions, originating  from our thesis film at AFI, in Los Angeles and derived from my name FILipposMARinaKis. Coincidentally, Florian's last name starts with MART and that is how Filmart Productions were named.






Lyrical Teen Angst fast film w/English subtitles

 OLIVER can't find what to do in life, in our vile epoch, and escapes to a deserted island to gain distance and observe our 21st century epoch; to realize that isolation is not a real solution. We need to fix our epoch from within. We are the smarter beings in this world, it's about time to prove it!

  Filmed in a deserted island next to Evoia with a Mark II and GoPro, in Athens and Evoia, the sweet and creative summer of 2013.

Director/Filming/Philosophy/co-Writing: Filippos Marinakis
Performs Oliver/co-Writing/Extra shots & SFX: Florian
Editing: Filippos, Florian
We showed it first at moutube.gr for mega TV (2013): http://www.moutube.gr/default.asp?catid=33451

FilMark Productions YouTube ChannelOST «City of Lost Children» Angelo Badalamenti
OST «Clockwork Orange» Wendy Carlos
and Bill Hicks speaking mainstream pessimistic as an example.






Teenager Florian loses his cellphone and tries to cope with life without a mobile... Is it really possible? [Parody-Comedy]
Click to watch

  This filming is a kind of tribute in Trainspotting, Run Lola Run and Requiem for a Dream among original filming.   The idea for the parody came to me when the real Florian was having a stroke after not having his cellphone for less than an hour. I found it too funny to let it go and there came the "teenager drama" parody and coping without a cellphone in a pretty fun way. :) [250,000 views]

Director+Writting+Filming+Produced by: Filippos Marinakis
Performs/Extra shots & SFX by: Florian
Editing: Filippos, Florian

O.S.T.: Trainspoting