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If you ckick on most of the above photographs you'll jump into a similar photographic gallery. Follow the upstairs photo slide-show in order to navigate through the photo galleries. Since I was a boy I loved trippinng around the globe. Especially in our times, we're the first generation which can travel easily to anywhere in our planet. My trips started on a cruise going to Konstanoypolis, Kusadashi, and the most intriguing Cairo and Luxor in Egypt. There a street boy was dealng about selling souvenirs, and the funniest thing was that instead of lowrering the price, he asked for more and more!

            Since then I've been wth my camera as my best friend all around Greece, from motherland Krete to Soufli on the borders with Turkey. Trippng continues with the Interail and travel around Europe, specifically Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice.

            In later years I went 5 times to Thaliand, and also to Cambodia 3 years after they allowed tourists and yeah, in Pnom Pegn there were dozen of gigantic bats flying around us and yes cockroaches certainly claim to own this land.

            Romania and Transylania in order to see where Dracula lived. Also, did a road trip from Barcelona to Morocco, and a road trip on Route 66 from Los Angeles to Texas and oh boy talking about an adventure... Venezuela is also such a beautiful exotic place, which was my 1st photo travel e-book.

            This part of my site is all about images and not about words. May we share together our beautiful lands and throw the trash away. This is for the glory and perfection of Nature and Human as One!

*The featured photo is from the borders of Cambodia and Thailand. I asked to take his picture and he asked in return to offer him a cigarette. Kindly notice the "friendly" posture of the locals in the background... The second photo is from Barcelona.


"An extremely powerful tool for our everyday balance and growth and a possible landmark for many sciences

Click to watch On the front cover we may see Lionardo Da Vinci's right half-face looking at his beloved left-half face, Salai, in 3D, diagonally and forever! That's why she's called Mona "Li-Sa," the first two letters of their names, divided in exactly the same way as in the painting! LI-onardo + SA-lai = LI-SA!!
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GOOD QUESTIONS GIVE BIRTH TO GOOD ANSWERS [8 min. 2013. Philosophical Thriller in English]


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 While in the stunning Meteora Hilltop Mountains and the amazing 11th century medieval monasteries on top of them, I found myself thinking that the whole aura is very like "Mordor" in the Lord of the Rings. Filming then took thriller pace, like walking inside Mordor with Frodo eyes, as if all these medieval castles are so new to me, and scary and beautiful and enigmatic, interesting and most importantly inspirational. The stone corridors and the awe of their sight. How were these mountains formatted? What happened underneath them? What kind of natural wonder is this? Why so beautiful and magical?
Are we ready for mankind's next step?

Director/Editing: Filippos Marinakis.
OST Lord of the Rings main theme. Filmed with a Mark II at Meteora and the Temple of Delhoi, in wonderous Greece.


INTO THE NIGHT, ATHENS 2012 [2 min. Lyrical, with English subtitles]

A poetic Oliver moon-dreams into the streets of rioting Athens in 2012 seeking for answers in writings on the wall.

Where others see sparkles I can see a whole lot of fireworks.

   This is the initial video we did with Florian using voice over for our narration. Basically, Florian wrote the featured poem the day we first met, I loved it and thought about making a short film around the poem, and film it together with another short film I was preparing about the novel I'm publishing. Since his poem was about writing on a Wall, then we should film around writings on the Wall and into the streets of rioting Athens. We both loved the idea and went on filming it in very after hours. Florian then came up with some amazing editing and very proudly we published it and reached around 55,000 views.

Director/Filming/Idea of/Producer: Filippos Marinakis
Performs Oliver/Editing/Extra shots & SFX: Florian

WHAT DOES TRIPPING IN THAILAND MEAN? [8 minutes of Thailand's scenery, 2015]

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Sit back and forget all yout troubles :).

"Trying to catch the trippy scenery & true feeling of Thailand. By Filippos."

This film is dedicated to Rian Ngaonoi, my Thai friend, who sadly left this world 6 months after my visit. Rest in Peace Rian and thank you for all the beautiful moments we shared.


Filmed with a Mark II during June 2015 all over coastial Thailand. Soundtrack:

"The 2nd Law - Isolated System" Muse
"Everything in the right place" Radiohead
"Better off Alone" Alice Deejay


Here to stay - kingdom of morocco, 2006 [8 mins, scenery and people]

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How do Moroccans teens spend their time?.

Trying to catch the trippy scenery & true feeling of Morocco. By Filippos. Moroccans love swimming and the sea, as they love poking each other. The camera follows their interactions and their efforts to make everything look funny. Morocco is also not part of the African Union, and you can see with your own eyes how a nation can be religious and playful and sexy, simultaneously. Moroccans told us that the burka isn't exactly enforced and its purpose is to show that their family is of high morals and ethics. This is my first artistic video, during the summer of 2006.

Filmed with a DV Sony in 2006. Soundtrack: "Here to stay" by New Order.WATCH SHORT FILM