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 THANK THE TEENAGERS, because no matter how the irresponsible adults of each generation f#$% it up, there always going to be rebellious teenagers, ready to put things in the right order. Being a teenager, thankfully, is characterized by revolutionary actions, and renegotiating from the beginning all the “adult” philosophies. This teen Q&A is for these teenagers and teenage souls. Or to offer proof that even the adults want something much better than the world we witness. There are points of view and information I’d love to have known as a teenager, or at least have their perspective, and that is why I share them with all teenagers and teen-spirits. We need many more teenage souls and that’s the only reason for the answers I’d give to my teen self, or to current teenagers who see the world a little bit differently than the over 40’s do.
   We should know that all generations agree on the will to “change the world”, as this is the most common wish to any newborn baby: “Be the one who’s going to change the world.” And we mean it!
You can e-mail me at your own major questions and I’ll try to reply as informatively as possible, according to what my eyes have witnessed. I’m not going to insist on my views, I’m also writing in order to learn more. I believe it’s most beneficial if different generations work together, because we can all learn a billion things from our fruitful cooperation. Something isn’t going right in our world, and we all know it, even if we keep our eyes shut. Is it our first step to change the world, to talk openly amongst ourselves?



CHOOSING THE PERFECT PROFESSION [lasts for a whole life, Philosophical/Thriller]

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Shei Shonagon's 11th century Poems I REMEMBER from my senior year at high-school that I had to choose a “professional direction” and that it would follow me for the rest of my life; therefore it was to my benefit to make the ideal decision. That adds up to the great school system paradox, of having no clue about Life’s Big Picture, as you have NO IDEA what each profession offers you and if it suits you. It’s not that, in previous years, we had classes like “Civil Engineer” or “Doctor” or “Advertiser” or “Public Servant” etc., to know whether they’ll bore you five minutes later. At least the U.S. colleges sent representatives to the high-schools to inform them. In Greece you face a very serious decision and your information about careers is what you have heard here and there, without any system to aid you to make the best decision. With these facts you had better have already expressed specific talents of your own, or your circle of friends may help you decide, covering the lack of imagination of our school system. What do you do when you haven’t spotted your specific talent; or if you have more than one and none stands out?
   Firstly, the most pleasant news! You can change that choice anytime you want, if you’re prepared to make sacrifices! Working will also get you to witness how your choice really works out in the long term; wait till you find out that many people started NEW careers, from [almost] nothing when they became 30 or 40. The most famous example is of Harrison Ford who had his breakthrough at the age of 31 in American Graffiti and then he once again lost hope, until he reached the age of 35. In “Star Wars IV – A New Hope”. The story goes that the 35 year old Harrison Ford had almost dropped the dream of the big screen and, although keeping his acquaintances from some parts he performed in the past, was working as a carpenter on the sets at Fox. As fate would have it, that was when George Lucas was building the Star Wars Saga; he came out of his office, saw Harrison in front of him and the rest is now History.
   The conclusion is that I hope you find your favorite profession from the beginning [it will save you a lot of confusion], but it’s not that you sign a binding contract for life and with your blood. Start with the one you enjoy the most and are already willing to give it your all, and slowly you’ll find your way. Almost everyone eventually finds it, so don’t be too stressed out. Also, if you don’t do well with a drained life, better refrain from choosing the philosophy of "as much money as possible." Many hated money; living careers which didn’t suit them was regretted by everyone. Usually, after 7-10 career years you can see more clearly.
   On the other hand, that "half-a-day of your life" until you become 65 is not to be underestimated. They are real days-weeks-months-years which run in front of you like a flash when you join the career frenzy rhythm. You may wake up one day and say: “When did aaall those years pass by?”
Therefore, on the one hand try, even if you’re not sure, on the other hand the goal is to always learn what suits you professionally and in general, in order to always progress to the next level [exactly like in video games]. If you try without moving to the next level, then maybe you really are wasting your time but, not even then, you can’t say that you lost the game. Harrison Ford proves that there’s no limit to success. I’m not certain about the most successful professionals, I’m certain, though, about the happiest: Those who turned their hobbies into a profession. :)))
Have a Good Day! :D



Click to watch LIFE SOMEHOW BRINGS IT UP and, in order to impress, you tell so many lies and half-truths about yourself, that, at some point, you realize that you’re not open to anybody. This means that you spend your whole life inside your mind, and, even if you have friends and family, you go through major dramas inside of you, all alone. First of all, we should clarify that the best way to move forward and get over all the cosmic challenges is to share them with your most loved persons. But you can’t just tell someone “Open-up” as if he was waiting for your whistle, and then he is transformed into the “master of sociability.” The goal is to lighten their extra weight. 
   If you can’t find friends/family to open-up to, then a good start to understanding yourself is to start writing down your experiences and thoughts as you grow up, and then re-read them when older in order to witness if you’ve learnt your lessons or not.
   It’s not that by “burying” them they won’t reappear in front of your face. Sooner or later, you realize that, at some point, you must confront them, or they'll keep on “eating you alive.” To be brief, they’re your issues and only you can solve them. By reading your logic and the facts you described, it’s very possible to find the famous “reason why,” or, at the very least, you will have already let off a lot of steam. Be certain that the future you will return to read them, in case you’re repeating the same mistakes, and that, practically, it adds much more usefulness to your experiences.
   Some also unravel their talent as a writer according to biographies, but many more amateur writers have it as a vehicle to communicate without fearing their own thoughts, in order to get to know themselves. It was suggested by the TV series “VAMPIRE DIARIES”, but was forgotten after the first episodes and lost the chance to say something useful to its millions of teenager viewers. Diaries are also a good idea, but the above refers to writing down all that troubles you, or stresses you, or makes you shine, or weighs you down at night, which, for your own reasons, you don’t want to share with anyone. Seeing them written down, you understand that they’re not as terrible and scary as when they were enlarged inside your mind. The magic of self-treatment through the famous externalization of our issues. [Much more in the Novel]
   Also, you’ll then, probably, realize that your issues aren’t yours alone and many are experiencing the exact same issues, and the best way to gain experience on solving them is by being open, and listen to other people’s solutions in the same problem.
   To conclude, young “Filippo,” if something tyrannizes you, put it down on paper and it’s much more possible to make sense of issues that until then you had regarded as never-to-be-solved. The more honest you are with yourself and the more open, the better the results. The first step is to recognize the problem, then you write it down and, by reading it and sharing it, you do the best you can, and finally chill out, because you can’t do more than the best you can. :)


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