THE ODYSSEY OF making MONA LISA's DECODING official. a tragic comedy, OR, B CONSPIRACY???

"The Odyssey of making Mona Lisa’s decoding official are that it’s one breath away from being transmitted around the globe officially, but my kind breath rests year's later, a breath away. If that isn’t tragic comedy and b conspiracy, self destructive to humanity, then what is?...?”

Click to watch    WHEN I DECODED MONA LISA’S IDENTITY ON FEBRUARY 2012, thank my inner voice, proposing "divide Mona Lisa face," my first though was to call the Director of Louvre, and to let him know about my discovery. So that people won’t be in question anymore about her identity. Right after though, conspiracy theories haunted me, dictating that they’d announce her identity, and leave me completely out from the moment. Therefore, I never made that call. The next day's I sought for confirmation of my theory from my friend's, because you don’t have to be an “expert” for comprehending my Mona Li-Sa decoding. All 10 friends I shared the Decoding with, they all agreed that it’s definitely “correct”, and they also added that we wouldn’t have discovered the unbelieavable secret of Mona Lisa "not in a thousand year's." (Here are Mona Lisa’s decoding Film, with 18 beyond any doubt proof's, six years after this day)


  Then, I haven’t yet discovered the f... amazing knowledge Lionardo-Leonardo Da Vinci was hiding even deeper, but the funniest was that I was certain that even if one of my friends shares my decoding with anybody else, then Lionardo's decoding would spread around the globe in an instant, since there’s so much public interest about Mona Lisa. What do they say that: “When we make plans, GOD laugh's?” That, exactly! If you keep on reading, you might also have a great laugh!

Click to watch  Six and a half years after I identified Mona Lisa, I finally published the “Revelation of Mona Lisa” on November 2018, as a historical fictional Book at both Greek, English, along with the unprecedented deriving knowledge's I discovered. In my Book, its heroes reveal them, even reaching Wisdom. That’s how far these knowledge's goes. In My Book's Presentation I was certain that the next level of my life would star't. And it wasn’t just me, all my friends who know my decoding also were. At the Presentation we have invited the Press and we have placed an ad on Facebook. Truly, 200 people I don’t know were interested. I felt that I was finally in the starting poing of my new life.  

  In my Presentation no reporters showed up, nor people I didn’t know. But, I gathered all the energy I was holding for 6 ½ years, presented Mona Lisa’s Decoding exactly as I dreamed and filmed me. The first joyous fact was that everybody in my Presentation agreed beyond any doubt that this are Mona Lisa’s Decoding, self-proven and with numerous proofs.

Lionardo ΔΑ Vinci, 50 years  young!! OMG! One may be a upper genious, extreme beauty!!  I also, had already organised my homepage and social media posts, announcing the decoding in the Internet first. In my domain, at Facebook at YouTube, at Vimeo, at Twitter and at Quora, Since I believed that the attendees of my presentation would want to post it first, since it’s such a popular enigma that it has just been explained. I even thought of telling them not to, but then I thought that I may be overreacting. “Nobody posted it”, says the conspirassisists sarcastically. Then, I was certain that since I have published Mona Lisa’s Decoding in the Internet it will surely reach the appropriate ear's at no time. Soon it will become a universal knowledge. Since, the truth are something that none doubts. “Not to, who?” giggles the Universe.  

  Then, I sent my decoding to the most popular English speaking international newspapers, to reporters who already wrote articles about Da Vinci, and to few very famous writers who wrote books about Da Vinci, believing that they woud have the brains and connections, in understanding and confirming how self-evident my decoding are. I know for a fact that, if one major media outlet “prints” one new idea, then the whole globe follows. But, I didn’t receive any reply. Haha! Do the Cosmos ears hear a low, fool scale conspiracy??

  I then sent my Decoding to the Greek media and to few TV reporters. No reply, even at Greece where very rarely something interesting happen's. I then thought that they are all waiting for the “expert’s opinion" in Click to watchorder to let them know if it’s correct or not. If an “expert” hasn’t told them, then they might even have trouble distinguishing an apple from an orange. One investigative reporter who would understand what everybody comprehend during my presentation, support me in finding the "experts" and make my Mona Lisa's Decoding official, being a very active part of this historical moment? No, not even one. Yet. That’s probably because Greek ex prime minister Tsipras sat weirdly at his chair, mimicking, following who I wonder· therefore, there wasn’t any more space available for any other kind of researcher's. We then looked for people we already know, but none was qualified, or, available. Furthermore, there isn't any Greek professor who is expert on Da Vinci. None, except me!

  The next joyous fact was that two months after I published my Mona Lisa's decoding, most major search engines (Sougou, Google, Amazon, Bing) ranked me on their top results if ones searches for "mona lisa decoded" or "mona lisa decoding", attracting people from 150 countries! I was then sure that anytime now my Decoding will reach the appropriate ears of someone who would want a collaboration on officialising Mona Lisa’s decoding. Tens of thousand visitors later, not even one. Y???

  Then, I edited, published Mona Lisa's Decoding Film at Vimeo and at YouTube (Greek and English), with similar hope's· maybe, the Film are a much more direct, faster way in spreading the news. I have also created an 86 seconds teaser for whoever is too busy. Even if YouTube also ranked them at its top position's and none doubted my theory, something extremely rare for YouTube, especially when one makes such huge statement's. Tens of thousand of viewers later, no expert contacted me. Y???

  Shouldn't the actual decoding of Mona Lisa become viral, since it decodes without a doubt our most famous painting, from one of our most famous Artist+Scientist?...? But, as I have said before, karma works in very mysterious way's, and this is a funny story.
(Saint Baptist painting expose's how Lionardo-Leonardo ΔΑ Vinci was in his 50's! F... amazing!! One may actually being: upper genius, very atrractive, young forever! Another false myth about attractive people, being not intelligent, just died.)

  Then, I contacted proffessor Kemp Martin oxford university of, the most B/S expert of Da Vinci· and his vulgar old secretary of. How do one knows this for a fact? Because, he wrote me back that he isn’t interested at decoding's anymore! He’s certain that there are NO codes, or any decodings in any Renaissance paintings!! Can you believe this crap?? Toying with words when presented with the actual Mona Lisa Decoding, he was looking for his whole life? Out or respect, then, I didn't reply to him that if his English are so poor he should check online what's the definition of "decoding." My Mona Li-Sa decoding is the definition of decoding. But I didn't. Then I really believed that he didn't read my five pages decoding at all. And almost pleaded him to have his assistant take a look. Then, his grumpy old assistant replied me directly saying: "NO! I WON'T! I quickly browsed your theory and it looks of nothing important for sure!" That's what happens when you go by the book, even when you address professors.

  When later I realized that for sure somebody has already told them about my Mona Lisa decoding, since it's flawless and definite, I grew quite angry at them. Why would they do that? Why would they block new knowledge? Ain't all scientists purpose, advancing scientific knowledge?

  I mean, even the English old-lady proofreader (Susan Perry) which I hired for correcting any grammar mistakes in my Book: A) Took her a whole year for only proofreading my book, thus, delaying significally and in purpose its publication, and B) She either didn't comprehend a word of what I wrote, or, did her worst to corrupt my English! Meaning that I was the one actually correcting her mistakes! To the point where she was actually transforming my wise sentences, into meaningless sentences. Yeap. She really did that! Now, all that sounds as a sabotage! I mean, even corrupting my actual writting? How much lower can these people drop? (I feel adding here, that the above ain't personal against England.)

  Then, I found all the courage in the world and sent Mona Lisa's Decoding to "Leonardo Da Vinci society". A supposedly proffesors community from "ivy league" universities, speciallizing in Da Vinci's studies. I mean, many of them even published books about Da Vinci. They must surely be accustomed on reading whole volumes of books. My five pages decoding would be a quick read to them. At least one of them will read them. At least one, for sure. And then he may tell the others and then we may plan our steps ahead.

  B "Leonardo Da Vinci society" member honoured me by replying, but he said that he isn’t interested in Da Vinci anymore!! Inside me I was thanking him for replying, he didn’t have to, but on the other hand I was thinking: “But, of course! Why would people who wrote books about Da Vinci be interested in Lionardo's amazing revealing?" I mean, why are they members of "Da Vinci Academy” if they're not interested in Da Vinci ??? What b kind ridiculous charade is that? Then I was worried if they find any inconsistencies being equally specialized in Da Vinci and all. Now, I'm not worried. I know that this is Mona Lisa's Decoding and they're just f*king with me. Playing with my insecurities and lack of connections and all.

Το εξώφυλο του Βασάρι για τον Λιονάρντο και όχι τον Λεονάρντο.  Thus, sadly, it proved to be scientific community of b professors from universities from Italy, France and England only (Cambridge, Oxford, Macerata, UCL, Sorbonne). That's my personal opinion. I mean, these "experts" didn't even get Lionardo-Leonardo da Vinci's name correct!! Can you believe that? I mean, all they had to do was reading his signatures! But, they didn't even get that! Not even this simplest task! Y? One, really, don't know whether he should cry, or, laugh.
[Thats the cover of the most important historian of Renaissance, Giorgio Vasari, who call's him solely Lionardo da Vinci and not Leonardo.]

  Then, I sent my Mona Lisa's Decoding to the well-known and most reliable scientific magazine, thinking that they will at least read my revelation. But, "Science magazine" told me that it’s not “the sort of work” that they publish. At least they called me "Dr Marinakis", and this was really funny. But, of course! Are the decoding of one of the top scientists of our sort, their sort of material? Does it matter that I reveal an unprecedented and unknown for us, Natural Law, which advance's ALL OF OUR SCIENCE'S? Is that really “scientific?” How could it be their sort, one of the most important scientific revelations ever, which also explains the Lionardo-Leonardo Da Vinci?

  I believe that everybody who would have faced this extremely not fair conspiracy would also be very very angry to them. I mean, I reveal unique Lionardo-Leonardo da Vinci as part of my destiny, some know about it, and when this fucking amazing event really happen, overcoming all retarded obstacles· they reply with all these B/S?? What kind of people are they? Wanting to keep our era blind... I believe that this is extremely wrong and non-practical! Am I the only one who doesn’t find any logic, to them?...? Do they really want to stay blind forever? Jesus Christ already said: "When you're in the dark, you do not know where you're going." It's even worst that the member's of "Leonardo Da Vinci Academy" are teachers too! I really feel sorry for the student's of these universities... Conspiring against knowledge... That is soooo low. Do you agree?

  I couldn't believe all this negativity, and I was even considering a funded relevant phd, in order to officialise my already well-documented, self-proven theory. By joing the professor's community, I thought that my theory will finally be examined by the "experts". Isn’t that a bit too much?...? The joke resumes with finding the relevant phd, since my decoding of the world, are the combination of History, Art, Fysiology, Anatomy, Psychology, Filosofy, Genetics, Biology, Neurology, Marketing, and Artificial Intelligence. “Have fun Filippos!”, say's Cosmos, seriously and smiling, just like Mona Lisa smile.  

  Isn’t that a great paradox? B conspiracy at it's fullest! I mean, they gave all this exposure to very b "decoding of Mona Lisa", by another French con-artist, shamefull liar a few weeks after I handed the first draft of my Mona Lisa Decoding to a Greek publisher for evaluating it. (Livanis)

  And even more ridiculous, the inferior, idiotic "decoding of Φ Disc" (a.k. Phaistos Disc)! All over the propaganga news was the "decoding" of Φ Disc , as a song for mother Earth! What b lie! Propaganda crap. What a coincidence that I am working on explaining the very very important Φ Disc since 2014! I may guarantee that their Φ Disc "decoding" is dumb propaganda, down to the ground. If you haven't gotten it yet, these monsters are doing their worst to keep humanity down, in order to control YOU! Disgusting! I mean, I partially comprehend "sell-outs" when they're a step away from starvation· but, I really really DO NOT like whoever is blocking evolution!

  Therefore, so far, I’ve experienced that I cannnot really officialise my momentum, historical, self-evident decoding, because the "experts", are doing their worst to down humanity, and they probably cannot comprehend a word of my actual decoding of the world, Nature! And what's even worst, they're not even interested in learning what they DO NOT know! I mean, what kind of people is doing it's worst to remain knowledgeless?? Am I the only one who finds that extremely self-destructive to mankind? I mean, why live b dumb, boring life forever? Whose going shut their "loser" mouths, in order of opening everyone's minds? Open minds may lead in happiness. In killing misery and depression. In enjoying, loving our lives, and caring for each other! Instead of fighting with each other at b endless war, rather, enjoying the miracle of physical senses of life in flesh! Enough with the systematic misery to all!! Please, cut it out, NOW! As you can see evidently, the Pandemic are here to stay, if they don't cut this crap NOW!!! Otherwise, who's really worthy of being saved? Asks Nature.

  The time has already come! The f*king amazing Revelation of Mona Lisa, the world, has already happened! There are NO WAY back, no matter how the fools try to return us to the stone age. Autocrats era has already DIED! I pray all day that you Wake UP! Join me in humanity's next level! Let's enjoy our living! I explain the how in my Book.

  "The Odyssey of making Mona Lisa’s decoding official are that it’s one breath away from being transmitted around the globe officially, but my kind breath rests year's later, a breath away. If that isn’t tragic comedy and b conspiracy, self destructive to humanity, then what is?...?” I have decoded Mona Lisa after 500 years of wondering, but it's of the verge of the imposisible making this an open knowledge. B system born to lose? Loser's land, by choice? That's how I see thing's... I bet that during the Pandemic, and the hundreds thousand dead, and us locked at our houses· some kind people reconsider seriously the mistakes done by previous governments. This extremely unfair isolation of you know whome, must end NOW! Who'll be saved? This article answers this question many times over!

  Nineteen month's after releasing Da Vinci’s decoding in A Book, online through my domain, at Facebook at YouTube, at Vimeo, at Twitter and at Quora, I am realising that without A “power friend” I am not so sure that Mona Lisa’s historical decoding will benefit mankind as it's destined, and people may keep wandering about question's that have already been answered! Who want's evolving, and who rather stay blind and motionless? Simple question. I am therefore looking for a power hero who may break this bad to all conspiracy. Unified, we may save Earth from too much boredom! Then we as a team, may announce publically this HUGE DISCOVERY, officially. Put an end to misery! Maybe the universe wants Mona Lisa’s Revelation being officially announced in a joined effort. What’s certain are that it’s b pity to remain hidden and behind closets. The new's are unbelievable important about our everyday balance, our science's! “At last, Mona Lisa are Decoded! Behind them hide's the new Natural Law that: “We all are three completely different, unified people in one body.” Our scientific facts have just been evolved.” And that, just the beginning of a New Era! Who's with me in evolving our lives in a higher level?

   Everything here are my personal opinion.
   Thank you in advance, if you find them kind and/or peesfool.

   For any kind of ideas, questions, comments, suggestions, business proposals etc: , or, message me via my Facebook ,or, Instagram. Always open for the curious minds! :)

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READ the Scientific article: "mona lisa decoded" (PDF)





“At last, Mona Lisa is Decoded! Behind her hides the new Natural Law that: “We all are two completely different people in one body.” Our scientific facts have just been changed.”

Lionardo ΔΑ Vinci, 50 years  young!! OMG! One may be a upper genious, extreme beauty!!    WHEN I FIRST IDENTIFIED MONA LI-SA BACK IN FEBRUARY 2012, I haven’t yet discovered the f... amazing knowledge Lionardo-Leonardo Da Vinci was hiding even deeper, but the funniest was that I was certain that even if one of my friends shares my decoding with anybody else, then Lionardo's decoding would spread around the globe in an instant, since there’s so much public interest about Mona Lisa. What do they say that: “When we make plans, GOD laugh's?” That, exactly! If you keep on reading, you might also have a great laugh!

  Therefore, I make my friend's promise, not to say a word to anybody about the Decoding, because it’d be shameful not to be recognized for the decoding of one of the most popular enigmas of our times. Making myself even clearer, I even hid all clues in my apartment which could have led anybody to the decoding. I remember and laugh by myself. Oh Boy!

  After identifying Mona Lisa as Lionardo-Leonardo Da Vinci unified with his lover Salai, I was certain that uncovering Mona Lisa's identity wasn’t the only secret of· and that behind them is hiding a very crucial and unknown scientiific knowledge. The only clue I had, came right after identifying them, when I asked: “Where does their unified face's leads?” My inner voice answered once more: “Two Nature's.” I didn’t share this clue with anyone, because I wanted discovering this new knowledge first.

  For the next six months I was searching everywhere for this new knowledge in Lionardo-Leonardo Δa Vinci’s manuscripts, since I had no clue of what I'm looking for, or what “Two Nature's” mean exactly.

Το εξώφυλο του Βασάρι για τον Λιονάρντο και όχι τον Λεονάρντο.  Then, suddenly, I thought that since Da Vinci are A artist, A scientist who observe's Nature's working's, as he repeatedly wrote in his manuscripts, then their unified face are about an unknown today Nature's Law. Therefore, what if the Two Natures and their unified faces, are Da Vinci’s observation about the anatomy of our face+body, marking that we ALL are three completely different Nature's unified in one, which could have belonged in completely different human's· in the same way that Da Vinci joined them in his Mona Lisa, John Baptist, Salvator Mundi, painting's?...?
[Thats the cover of the most important historian of Renaissance (Regenessis in Greek), Giorgio Vasari, who call's him Lionardo and not Leonardo.]

Click to watch  One second later I was 100% certain that we all have two completely different face's unified in one, a dual face· without even feeling the need in testing my theory, by comparing my own joined face's. So certain. With this new knowledge I jumped in the next level, started thinking:  “What does it mean that we all have two completely different, joined face's?” As one may imagine I was trying very hard in finding the next seductive answer, discovering where all that lead's, already knowing that I am in front of a new huge knowledge, similar with Lionardo-Leonardo Da Vinci's fame. Then, I decided not to share it with anyone, thus, avoiding any contamination, stealing risk. The moments when the All-Knowing GOD laugh's his heart in.

  Because, the next day I saw b guy (Flo) who proved to be very bad person, who "happened" to paint the left half-head of his blondish! I asked him why did you do that today, and he answered: “It represents the Two Nature's! Half male, half female. My parents told me so." I mean, just the previous night I resurfaced the "Two Nature's" knowledge after 500 years in hiding, and the next day comes he talking at me about "Two Natures" and that he just coloured his hair accordingly? How f... bizzare and suspicious is that?

  I later realized that he was part of bFrench team who was spying on me, bugged me, and doing their worst to sabotage my new discovered knowledge! Nobody knows why. On the same time, they were following every idea of mine, as for example painting his hair for me without even asking him to. As one may also imagine, since I haven’t told nobody about the “Two Natures”, I was confused and told him my then biggest secret in a heartbeat: "You are very wrong! Look at your pictures, divide your face into two halves, then you’ll see that you have two different half faces. Both of them are boy's, my friend. You're not half a girl as you think."

Click to watch  It’s true that this was the first time I actually tested my theory, being assured that I didn’t even have to. My old-friend (even if, he was teenager), then became so confused, disordered, out of place. Where he was full with parrot-like pride for "their" low class spying and plagiarism, behind the colour of his hair, he almost tripped off the floor and fully blushed. That's how one knows for a fact that they were illegally spying on me. How did he know about the Two Natures when I haven't told anybody? Who's spying on me? And why? Is this why this b guy Flo, was already an established YouTuber, coz he appeared on YouTube search results whatever you search for?

  Sick conspiracy to say the least! And since that spy, half Brit/half French, a year later moved to France of, and they even found him a kind of crappy job, one knows for a fact where this spying comes from! I must also admit that then I was really doing my best to help this guy out, anyway I could. Coz trully one million young Greeks hated his guts from his YouTube videos, all claiming that he is a lier and a faker. I took this fraud guy under my wings, and wrote and directed several videos with him, to ease down the hating he was receiving. Funny story, I succeeded! I mean, according to him, I taught him everything he knows. Realizing when he disappeared, that our "friendship" was since the begining b malicious sabotage against me... Isn't that extremely wrong and self-destructive?...

Click to watch  I mean, everybody would be extremely angry at France also, if they were mistreated so bad from France! Didn't they already know that one day all their lying would be revealed, hence, it would turn against them? Seriously now...

  Then I explained to him my then "Two Nature's theory", three times over, and then I took his picture. My old-friend recognised his two completely different half-faces at once, with his mouth wide open, wondering “What does that mean??????” I told him that I had no clue yet, since I discovered Two Nature's just yesterday. And when I had already decided not to share it with anyone until I found what this mean's and publish my finding's in A book· there you have the low level conspirassists proving that they are thieves! The funny part are that, not only did I spill the beans just a day later, but I also shared my findings to the most not reliable being I have ever saw... Disgusting...

  As an extra comic relief, because I have already told "him" about our unified different face's, I had him promise that he'll never say a word about my own thoughts. Two years later I found that not only was "he" sharing all my thoughts to his friends, but he was also telling them as his own thoughts, AND he hid to all of his YouTube subs that I was the one actually writing+directing+produced the videos he was only performing! People called Flo a talented director and philosopher and all, while actually nothing was his own thinking or directed by. All were mine. The definition of plagiarism. Disgraceful! Do you agree? What a coincidence that after we fought about all this, he stopped being a YouTuber. Coz he had no ideas of his own, nor could he direct the videos as I did.

The Cosmos anecdote are that this night, a bit later, all my theories about Two Nature's connected, and I jumped inside the mindblowing Nirvana of eternal wisdom, right after my spiritual transportation in the middle of the Cosmos· observing the Cosmos from a distance! Opening my Third, Cosmic Eye for good. How you can open your Third Eye are described in my Book. Trust me, it’s a glorious process, story, where you can become one with the Cosmos! Equally mindblowing iare the Message I was then given, in order to deliver it in our planet. The secret of easing our lives AND evolve as a species.
(Click here to watch the Film which Reveal the Message. The fotograph, are right after the teleportation, the Message.)

  After this disgusting sabotage from this proved to be damaged person, I spent the next 4 years sharing every thought of mine with myself solely. Many know that this mean's that your head gets pretty heavy. So heavy, that I had to quit my job as a TV Series Development Producer for 8 years, focus on writing my Book. Plus studying 4,500 Da Vinci manuscripts, the according 20 science's· thus, discovering numerous proof's supporting my theorie's. Then I worked on simplifying my conclusion's and publish them in a historical fictional novel, with the goal of being easily comprehended, without losing its pure feeling. Succeeding simultaneously, I hope, in delivering a ingenious, artistic Book with 350 explained artworks as part of the plot, equal with Mona Lisa's fame, exactly in the way that Da Vinci would have wished for the book which finally explain's him. Which I did, writing+editing for five years, 12 hour's a day, without sharing my revelation's with anybody, so as not exposing my big secrets. I am laughing.

  I mean that, I never knew if my book would be successful, but I am certain that Mona Lisa’s decoding would spread from mouth to mouth in a heartbeat. Because, it’s accurate, based on numerous facts and selfproven· while it solely requires your observation, even if you have never heard before about Lionardo-Leonardo Da Vinci. The Cosmos are still laughing with my plan's. Ι may almost see it rolling at the floor.

   Everything here are my personal opinion.
   Thank you in advance, if you find them kind and/or peesfool.

For any kind of ideas, questions, comments, suggestions, business proposals etc: , or, message me via my Facebook ,or, Instagram. Always open for the curious minds! :)

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-19 NEW

“At last, Mona Lisa is Decoded! Behind her hides the new Natural Law that: “We all are two completely different people in one body.” Our scientific facts have just been changed.”

                              WELCOME TO The Revelation Of Mona Li-Sa!
"The Revelation of Mona Lisa", by Filippos Marinakis MFA ABOUT THE HISTORICAL REVELATION & ACTUAL DECODING OF MONA LISA's "SECRET OF SECRETS," with 19 proofs· writen as a story,
with Da Vinci being one of the principal characters, based on Da Vinci's masterpieces and drawings, on all the historical evidences we have about Da Vinci's personal life, and on 4,500 Da Vinci manuscripts.

Click to watch          This is the first time that we actually decode Mona Lisa! Behind her was hiding avery radical new Anatomical Natural Law proving that: "We all are two completely different people united into one, seeking for their balance.” This may start a domino effect for our sciences, and especially on anatomy, art, psychology, genetics, biology and even A.I.

          Right below is the very surprising and free Video of the historical Revelation & Decoding of Mona Lisa, with 18 proofs and English CC. If you like the decoding, please share the news with your friends, and if you're a student, please share the decoding with your professors. Contact me at: contact(at)filippos(dot)com for any comments or partnerships or ideas etc.

[I don't think that it's a coincidence that Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing and SoGou rank this website and its video at their top 3 results when one searches for "Mona Lisa Decoding" or "Mona Lisa Decoded".]



          In this website one may find first the conclusions/highlights of the Revelation of Mona Lisa, and then the groundbreaking Step by Step Revelation & Decoding of Mona Lisa, FOR FREE, as they set the beginning of the amazing journey narrated in the historical fiction novel: "The Revelation of Mona Li-sa" by Filippos Marinakis M.F.A. Be prepared for the unexpected.

The Highlights of the Revelation & Decoding of Mona Lisa
[19 proofs], and its historical fiction novel:

"An intelligent journey of decoding the world,
towards ones Balance
and towards the Awakening of your Third and Cosmic Eye."

OF LI-onardo da Vinci AND SA-lai, his favourite student and lover, together forever!"
That’s why she’s called Mona“Li-Sa”, their name’s first two letters,
divided in exactly the same way as in the painting!
-onardo + SA-lai = LI-SA!!
Mona Lisa Code here?

(It's a well-known fact that Da Vinci signed both as Leonardo, and as Lionardo, as it's explained later on. Look for example wikipedia's records of Da Vinci sgnatures:)

To prove his point, Lionardo divided+united them twice more, on his “John the Baptist” and the “Salvator Mundi” paintings, and these are just 2 out of the 19 proofs stated right below about Mona Lisa's Code,
without having to be an “expert” to understand them.

The much anticipated Mona Lisa's Code is the Big and very Unexpected New Knowledge and new Natural Law, proved below, that:
Just like in Mona Lisa,
our faces and bodies
are also divided vertically into two different halves!


And we can prove it with Mona Lisa, our mirror, our obsrvations,
our expressions and with our microscopes!
For example, by seeing our two different half-faces or
two different half bodies in the mirror right now!

Or by dividing the completely different,
two half-faces of famous people

Meaning that if someone showed us JFK's left half-face, and asked us who he is,
we wouldn't even recognize him.
That's how different our two half-faces and selves are.

If we were just one self, then who is the second person in our internal conflicts?

Science agrees. We all have two different half-faces and Two Personalities,
just like Mona Lisa! (read below)
Because, we're all split into two halves through-out our conception,
as one may see right below in our microscopes and for free,
in the Step by Step Τrue Decoding of Mona Lisa
It's the reason why we have two clrealy different brain hemispheres, two DNA helixes,
and why our chromosomes are coupled.

 Our famous “other-self” isn’t imaginary, he’s a scientific fact,
as real and physical as ourselves!
Science agrees.

A new Natural Law that no one else has observed,
since Da Vinci himself.

           Now that we have seen our other-self with our eyes we should learn how to cooperate with our Second Self, because he's as real as we are. Otherwise, eternal internal nugging is waiting for us. (The drawing to the left is by Da Vinci, and represents the "binaty" Like and Dislike, in one body, but with their backs turned against each other, since what what we like and what we dislike are against each other by default, and in one body.)

           An example of the importance of Lionardo's discovery is that now, Psychology, may become a science, since this is the first Natural Law we learnt about our inner world. More info right below, and the whole, astonishing truth in the revolutionary historical fiction novel.

           In the novel one may also find, how this new Scientific Law leads to 45 new, original theories, many more Mona Lisa and Da Vinci secrets, and which other civilizations from the past also knew about it. For example, the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt, from 2,500 B.C., the biggest portrait and biggest statue in our history· is also split into two completely different half-faces! The secret design of the Great Sphinx of Giza is also decoded for the very first time.

The Great Sphinx in Gaza decoded. What did the Egyptians knew, that we don't 4,500 years later?

           What else did they know in the era of the Pharaoh's that we don't, 4,500 years later? Which other ancient civilizations knew about it?
           Did the Ancient Greeks also know about our divided in two anatomy, that we don't, 2,400 years later?

           And all the above in an adventurous historical fiction novel with the principle characters overcoming any karmic obstacles in order to attain the now lost, secret knowledge from our past. For reals. With real discoveries and not fictional, in order to be understood by all of us. Also, with the help of 350 explained artworks as part of the plot, the coming-of-age and even the Enlightenment of its heroes. Who said that there aren't any original ideas anymore? Be prepared for the unexpected. The so far unknown.

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[The astounding 2019 True Decoding of Mona Lisa which follows, isn't related to the common belief of Mona Lisa being Lisa Gherardini or “half male and half female.”]

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How to Find Answers about Everything?
(2013 & 2019) [6 min. dreamy & inspirational philosophical tHriller]

, and edited 20 secs on 2019

 The first step is Observing. Then, in order to get great answers, first you need to ask great questions. Is there Truth to be found? Watch what happens when someone does ask the right questions, and how far that takes him, in this Philosophical Dreamy Thriller, filmed in the visually stunning "Mordor like" medieval hilltop monasteries of Meteora/Greece from the 11th century, and inside the 2,500 years old Delphi Temple, where the Oracle shares her wise Message to Mankind. Are we ready for Mankind's Next Step? How to solve most of your problems? Where can one find the Road to Enlightenment? How to find answers about everything?

  The conclusion of this short dream-like film is a "Message to Mankind," given to me, right after my spiritual transportation to the middle of the Cosmos, observing it from a distance· as a result from Decoding Mona Lisa and her unprecedented deriving knowledge. More information about my historical fiction novel "The Revelation of Mona Li-Sa", which, at last, decodes Mona Lisa, can be found here: There, one may also read the Decoding of Mona Lisa for free, or one may view the decoding video here: I hope u'll enjoy it! :)

  Directed/Written/Filmed/Edited by: Filippos Marinakis (Φίλιππος Μαρινάκης)

FilMark Productions YouTube ChannelO.S.T.: "Lord of the Rings prologue theme," by Howard Shore. Filmed with a Mark II around the amazing monasteries in Meteora and the holy temple in Delphi, in wondrous Greece. Originally uploaded on 2013, and edited 20 secs on 2019.



Borders of Cambodia and Thailand.      IF YOU CLICK ON this slide-show, you'll jump into a similar gallery or Video as the picture you clicked. Since I was a boy I loved trippinng around the globe with my camera in hand, always. Especially in our times, we're the first generation which can travel easily to anywhere in our planet. My trips started on a cruise going to Konstanoypolis, Kusadashi, and the most intriguing Cairo and Luxor in Egypt. There a street boy was dealng about selling souvenirs, and the funniest was that instead of lowrering the price, he asked more and more!

            Since then I've been wth my camera as my best friend all around Greece, from motherland Krete to Soufli on the borders with Turkey. Tripping continues with the Interail and travel around Europe, specifically Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice.

Salto Angelo in Venezuela.           In later years I went 5 times to Thaliand, and also to Cambodia 3 years after they allowed tourists and yeah, in Pnom Pegn there were dozen of gigantic bats flying around us and yes cockroaches certainly claim to own this land.

            Romania and Transylania in order to see where Dracula lived. Also, did a road trip from Barcelona to Morocco, and a road trip on Route 66 from Los Angeles to Texas and oh boy talking about an adventure... Venezuela is also such a beautiful exotic place, which was my 1st foto travel e-book.

            This part of my site is all about images and not about words. May we share together our beautiful lands and throw the trashes. This is for the glory and perfection of Nature!

*The featured photo is from the borders of Cambodia and Thailand. I asked to take his picture and he asked in return to offer him a cigarette. Kindly notice the "friendly" posture of the locals in his background... The second photo is from Koh Chang in Thailand, and the third one is the longest waterfall on Earth, 1km long, the Salto Angelo in Venezuela.