Alonso F. Mayo
Writer & Director
Alonso is a Film & Journalism graduate from the University of Lima, Peru, and has recently completed the Film Directing program at the American Film Institute. He has lived and studied in Peru and Lawrence, Kansas. He was creative director and founder of MANZANA AZUL, a digital video production company in Peru. His music video ALAS HUMANAS for Peruvian rock band INDIGO was in rotation on MTV Latin America in 2001. His short film SILENCIO (2002) participated in Latino Film Festivals around the world and won the Robert Altman prize in the Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee.

His first AFI thesis film WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON was a finalist of the Deauville Festival of American Film and official selection of the Times bfi London Film Festival, Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, among many others. It screened on Showtime Networks in October 2004 as part of its Latino Filmmakers Showcase. Alonso’s short film ANYONE was a finalist in ESQUIRE Magazine’s Celluloid Style Film Competition. Alonso recently received a 2004 DGA Student Film Award. He is currently developing the feature screenplay of KEEPER OF THE PAST.


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